How to Buy an Above Ground Pool

If you are looking to provide your family with the perfect gift, then a swimming pool is one of the best things to consider. Thankfully instead of installing an in-ground one, you can buy an above ground pool. As compared to an in-ground pool, installing an above ground pool is easy and less expensive. But this does not mean that you have to settle for the first one that you see. Here are some of the things to think about

1. Planning

First, you need to consider things such as the pool design, your yard, and best location. Ideally, you should locate it in a sunny area of your home. Apart from being easy to access, consider the decks and other things that you may need construct. If you plan well, you will know the right size and type of the pool that you should buy.

2. The level of the ground

If your compound is not level, then you will have to prepare the area for your swimming pool. In order to install your pool, it’s imperative to have a level ground. Otherwise, you will end up with a swimming pool that does not balance. This might exert a lot of pressure on one side and interfere with its support system thereby leading to a disastrous situation.

3. The frame style

It’s also critical to think about the frame style of the pool. This includes the bottom rails, plates, uprights, and top lodgers. An above ground pool is usually made of aluminum, resin steel, and a hybrid of steel and resin. While steel is the most affordable, it’s the heaviest. It’s also prone to corrosion and easily oxidizes when exposed to saltwater and sunlight. It’s therefore important to settle for a hybrid pool that will provide you with the best of both materials.

4. The cost

Based on the type of swimming pool that you wish to buy, the cost may vary. For instance, going for a more permanent set may cost you more. Moreover, the price of an above ground pool is much more than the amount of money that you will spend. You will need things such as the chemicals to ensure that the water is algae free and clear. Since the chemicals are expensive, it’s critical to consider this.

5. The pool liner

When it comes to buying a swimming pool, the pool liner is essential. This is because it protects the floor and the wall of the pool. By preventing any damage, it prolongs the durability of the pool. Apart from adding aesthetic value, it also holds the water by preventing it from leaking. It’s therefore important to choose the most reliable liner.

6. Pool warranty

Each pool always comes with its warranty. This can greatly vary depending on whether you want a permanent or more expensive an above the ground pool. You should go through the reviews and also check the manufacturer’s website to get the best warranty.

Final thoughts

A list of the best above ground pools can be found on, but do not rely only on reviews.

Since purchasing an above the ground pool is a huge investment, avoid feeling obligated or rushed to buy what you are not comfortable with. Before purchasing one make sure you consider all the things that you need. Do not forget to hire a licensed installer who is comfortable with the installations.