Welcome to Jenny’s Blog


My name is Jenny Katz, 25 years old graphic designer living in New York city. Love to enjoy life
and travel each weekend to different locations …. Loves to enjoy life!

Why do I started this blog?

I believes in ideas. I believe in the power of ideas. I believe in the power of conversation, the power of hearing. I also believe that those things are relative benefit my practice where I can contribute something to the world. This belief has not changed, and I hope that will change, too. There are some areas in which action can be taken in this direction. One of them is the blog.

Unlike philosophical work, blogging is far more interested in short term, much less profound, far less thorough. On the other hand, blogging is something more concrete, more sensitive to the immediate, more connected to reality. These are the two extremes of writing, complement each other for me. Philosophy, must wait. Things have to absorb more and more mature, deeper, get the dimension of wisdom (the love is there, otherwise I was not there). Meanwhile, things accumulate, and things continue to happen. This dialectic of life, short-term and long-term (interest may have noticed returning here again and again, in different contexts).

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