Glow Mama - New Mother Drink - Healthy Alternative While You Are Expecting and Nursing


babybootcamp.jpg"Safe exercise and hydration are both crucial aspects of a healthy postpartum recovery," says Kristen Horler, founder and CEO of Baby Boot Camp, the nation?s premier prenatal and postpartum fitness program. "Partnering with Glow Mama, which is formulated specifically for expectant and new mothers, is a natural fit."


muse green.jpgThe subtle flavour was very refreshing and, at only 70 calories, makes it a good way to stay on top of those precious nutrient requirements whilst keeping an eye on what seems to be the ever increasing rear end!  And just to prove that all is not lost socially when you?re pregnant or nursing, they also have a Mocktails section that suggests how to get creative with Glow Mama.


mommy in pink.jpgThe kiwi flavor is subtle, which is nice and not too sweet which made this drink taste perfect!


mama divas.jpgA mother?s love leads to another amazing product!  Glow Mama is ultra delicious!  I bought myself a nice bubbly bottle of sparkling apple cider and mixed that with Glow Mama for a festive Mom-osa that I could drink during Thanksgiving. and you can be sure I?ll be doing that for Christmas and New Year?s, too!   Glow Mama is guaranteed to refresh you and quench your thirst.


mom central.jpgThese unique drinks, meant especially for pregnant women, are similar to flavored water.  The fiber is key; increasing fiber intake is one of the first things newly pregnant moms are told. One of the main benefits of fiber (besides helping you grow a baby) is that it helps you avoid any number of pregnancy symptoms and, basically, helps you ?glow.? 


3giraffes.jpgThe bottles are the perfect size to tote around and the taste is very refreshing! ..not nearly as sweet or overpowering as sweet, sugary juice.


mommy instincts.jpgGlow Mama is a drink specifically made for pregnant and nursing mama?s, to keep them healthy and hydrated, while being able to drink a beverage that makes them feel special and make them look positively ?glowing?. And that?s just what I felt after I took my first sip of Glow Mama.  it definitely satisfied my hankerings.


momecentric.jpgSo, here?s what I can tell you about Glow Mama, I liked it.  By the time I returned the next day for some more Glow Mama, my children (who are neither mothers or mothers-to-be either) had managed to put away my samples. Gee, thanks guys.


micro preemie.jpgI'm telling you it's YUMMY! I'd drink it all the time, it's so much more refreshing than so many drinks out there. It's refreshing and not too sweet!


babyswags.jpgGlow Mama was made by a mom for moms, making it one of my favorite drinks! I tried 1 right from the fridge and it was pretty darn good. But the real joy did not come until I tried 1 of the mocktail recipes and felt ?glowishous?... as if I were laying in the sun on a beach.


lifesorganized.jpgI decided that the Glow Mama Strawberry Sparkler would be the drink at my sister's baby shower.  I loved how it looked like champagne with a pink tint, very classy. What I liked the best about this product is there are no artificial sweeteners.  This is ideal for pregnant and nursing women who are concerned about their daily liquid intake but are sick of the taste of water.  The kiwi flavor is subtle but refreshing.


twinstalk.jpgIt's very healthy and it tastes good, especially when you make your own "mocktail" like the Make Mine a Double that was especially formulated for TwinsTalk readers!


babyfingers.jpgGatorade isn't made for moms (and has very high sodium), but Glow Mama is.  Flavored lightly with kiwi, it contains a bunch of mom-to-be essentials you won't find in other drinks: fiber, vitamin B6, and folate, to name a few. It's also perfect for nursing moms.


preg mag.jpgWe?re excited to announce that Glow Mama is officially one of the seven Natural ways to fight the cold and flu symptoms this winter? according to Pregnancy Magazine.  Rush out and buy your copy of the Dec/Jan edition now to read more.. and stop for some Vit C loaded Glow Mama too!


coolmompicks.jpgI know I'm not the only mama out there went a little nutty trying to down those 10 glasses of water a day during pregnancy. San Fran -based Glow Mama totally gets this, creating this kiwi-based beverage packed with all kinds of fiber and antioxidants and vitamins that pregnant women need. I found the taste sweet but not cloying.  Glow Mama is perfectly suited to mixing up mocktails.


susanheim.jpgFortunately, you don?t have to be pregnant to benefit from Glow Mama. It?s good for nursing moms, sick moms, busy moms?any moms! In other words, it?s a healthy drink for anyone who wants an alternative to soda, caffeinated drinks, or even water.  Best of all is what it doesn?t have: artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors; caffeine; lots of calories; or fat. The taste far exceeds plain water in yumminess, and you can either drink it alone or make a mocktail with it!  


workitmom.jpgI met the founder of Glow Mama and she is as delightful as the Glow Mama drink itself. Using kiwi as its basis this natural, light, 70-calorie drink is packed with vitamins and nutrients to help pregnant moms and multitasking sanity-losing moms like me stay hydrated and healthy.


maternal spark.jpgThe Glow Mama Mom-ito sounds very refreshing! Actually, they ALL sound delicious. I want to try these so much now after reading the wonderful recipes. They sound to fun to make and drink!  I would love to try the strawberry diaperi. That sounds really tasty!


mom fuse.jpgGlow Mama is a new and innovative way to get some much needed nutrients during your pregnancy. Glow Mama is a refreshing vitamin supplement drink designed especially for moms.


nowenteringmomville.jpgGlow Mama tastes light but sweet enough to be delicious. I would compare the sweetness level to Gatorade without all the saltiness and artificial ingredients. Crisp is the word best used to define Glow Mama's thirst quenching properties and fresh flavor. This drink would be great after you exercise, or if you ate a bunch of junk food, and you feel like you need to detox.  It is truly a satisfying drink. Be daring and try something new!


mombuzz.jpgI love the clean look of Glow Mama's blog and site. When she isn't inventing, Lucy blogs with original content about maternity wellness, and events and causes Glow Mama is involved in.  Ohana Mama has RAVED about the quality and taste of Glow Mama's drinks - she likes hers slushy in a martini glass!


allbecausetwopeople.jpgGlow Mama is a great way to stay hydrated and healthy. It?s filled with the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients you need to keep yourself going.  It was first aimed at pre-and post-natal mothers but can really benefit any woman looking for healthy alternative drinks. As far as the taste, Glow Mama is a very light and refreshing drink. It has a light taste that isn't strong or overpowering and it leaves no after taste. It?s best when served ice cold!! Can't wait to try it in a mocktail!!!


justamomstake.jpgSometimes looking at our own nutritional needs becomes less of a priority. But it doesn?t always have to ? especially with options like Glow Mama out there.  With the refreshing taste of kiwi, Glow Mama is a good option in order to stay hydrated, while taking care of yourself and your nutritional needs as well. 


freebirthdaytreats.jpgSome of you might also be familiar with a new drink for pregnant moms, Glow Mama. This refreshing and natural drink helps keep pregnant women hydrated and this company is not only earth friendly, but are also donating $.05 per bottle sold online through the month of October to the Breast Cancer Reserach Foundation. 


redtricycle.jpgGlow Mama has been earning rave reviews from moms across the country eager to indulge in a healthy, fun and flirty adult beverage. 


mamaspeaks.jpgSometimes a mama just wants something different from water and Glow Mama is that oasis up ahead. The flavor is very light and subtle, perfect for those early days of pregnancy. I was excited to experiment with fancy-ing it up as a mocktail. Just because you're staying safe for your baby doesn't mean you still can't have a little fun!



Very light and refreshing.  I was afraid it would be too sweet but it wasn't at all - it was very tasty.  It satisfies the fruit cravings I've been having during this pregnancy.  I also thought the bottle's label was very cute.  I do have to share that DH saw how much I was enjoying the drink and asked if he could have a sip.  Well, he liked it too, but I only gave him one sip because the rest of the bottle was mine!



This yummy kiwi infused drink is my new cocktail of choice! Glow Mama is made just for mamas (that's anyone thinking of becmoing a mama, anyone that has rugrats like me, or anyone who has recently brought home their bundle of joy).  And the best part...because the word "Mama" is in the name, my hubby will leave it alone and not steal the last one, like he always does.



Caffeinie and babies, regardless of whether they are in or outside of the womb, don't mix.  With recent research linking high frutose corn syrup to obesity and diabetes, it's prudent for all mamas, pregnant or not, to stay away from it...Mamas get your glow on!



Whether you give it as a gift or serve Glow Mama at the shower, it is sure to be a hit.  It is a natural and refreshing drink that new moms and moms-to-be can feel great about drinking in lieu of caffeine or diet sodeas.  Glow Mama?s goal is to help new moms and moms-to-be thrive and give their babies a good start.



Glow Mama juice can be sipped chilled all by itself as a refreshing all-natural alternative to water or mixed up in a delicious mocktail like the Pina Co-Labor or the Mom-ito. At only 70 calories for a 12 oz serving, Glow Mama juice packs a nutrient rich punch without all the calories of most juices. 



Finally a drink for us moms.  I'm really surprised how good it is!  I have to say the drink is very refreshing.  I has a light taste, it is not strong of overpowering.  Very easy to drink, unlike pop that goes down harsh at times. 



So this juice is not only great tasting but also good for you! When I tasted Glow Mama for the first time, it definitely woke my tongue up.  WOW!  It was refreshing as well as just a tiny bit tart (which I love) and boy did it have a zing with it.  LOVE IT!!  There's a new juice in town!




There's nothing worse during pregnancy than having to drink just plain water.  Glow Mama knows the importance of healthy nutrious drinks for pregnant women and moms' so they make sure they only use the best of the best ingredients.  Glow Mama is there to keep you hydrated, healthy and give you a great refreshing taste in the form of Kiwi!



Most moms-to-be know that keeping hydrated is essential during pregnancy.  For me, drinking water, which I normally love, became a chore as I really wanted something with a little bit of flavor.  Glow Mama is a great alternative to sugary juices.  The taste is subtle, not strong like juice often can be...



I was excited to try the latest hydrating beverage for pregnant or nursing mamas.  Glow Mama is very refreshing, nutritous and just plain great!  I love that is is packed with vitamins, minerals and FIBER!  Yes, this energizing drink has 4 grams of fiber!  Coming from being on Weight Watchers, fiber is a woman's best friend!




Glow Mama is a great way to pack in nutrients on the go.  Whether you're pregnant, nursing or actively chasing kids, here's a tasty new way to keep hydrated and vitamin infused. 



Lucy makes mommy mocktails live on TV!  Expectant moms as well as those just avoiding alcohol can have their own fun, refreshing summertime drinks.  Click here to watch ABC's The View from the Bay show on Healthy Mommy Mocktails!




It's the refreshing pick me up drink for busy mamas!  Taste-wise, Glow Mama is lightly sweet and subtle. So if your goal is to cut down on consuming too much sugar in your diet- including sweet drinks, Glow Mama is a perfect alternative. Or if you want to keep yourself hydrated but aren't too crazy about the taste of plain water, Glow Mama is the guilt-free replacement.



Lucy features as The Lightful Foods Lady

The founder of Glow Mama shares her insights into a balanced and happy life...

How many children do you have? What is a typical day for you?  We haven?t needed an alarm clock in years as Liam wakes up every morning without fail at 5:30am. My day then passes by in a blur of flying fruit pieces, reading books about trains, playing with trains, phone calls, emails, visiting retailers, talking about Glow Mama, lifting cases of Glow Mama, putting on train pajamas, trains in the bath and then more emails.

Read the entire interview at Lightful Foods 



Go Glow Mama! 

For all the expecting mamas out there who could really use a drink this summer...

Glow Mama is a natural juice drink designed for expecting and new moms.  It's low calorie, has no artificial sweeteners, and is packed with pre and post natal nutrients.  It's even endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association... you go Glow Mama!  Drink up mamas!

Read the entire review from Peekaboo Picks


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