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Meet and connect with other new moms ? in their natural habitats

Sometimes just getting out of the house for a small errand or checking email can be major accomplishment when you have a newborn. So searching for a moms? group feels like a gargantuan task ? which is why so many of us put it off until we desperately need the support.

Luckily we at Glow have been there, so we?ve explored a lot of different ways to connect with other moms. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

Pre- and Post- Natal Yoga
Classes at yoga studios or through hospitals or community centers are great ways to meet moms with babies around the same age.These classes are gentle, relaxing and fun

Support Groups
Facilitated support groups and programs for new moms are convenient, satisfying options for some new moms, because they don't have to organize anything ? they just show up!

Exercise Programs
These group exercise programs get mamas moving, meeting and talking.

Birthing and Baby Care Classes
Sometimes the moms-to-be you meet in your classes at the hospital can evolve into yournew moms? group. Distribute everyone?s email addresses and vow to stay in touchwith birth announcements and photos.

Mom's Clubs
Regional moms? clubs let you meet many moms with lots of different interests. They always have something going on.

Online Communities
Look in online forums for other new moms who are interested in connecting offline.

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