Real Mom's Groups
The Girls with their Boys, Oakland, CA
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Where are you from?
Oakland, Northern California

How often do you meet?
Every Monday afternoon before naptime

Where do you meet?
We rotate around each others houses

Do you have a name?
The girls with their Boys

How did you find each other?

One new mom put an ad in the local online parents network and we have met others at music and yoga classes. We have had other moms and babies (coincidently all boys) join us off and on, but this is the core four.

How long have you been meeting?

One of the babies has been coming since he was 3 weeks old!

Do you have any tips?
Be flexible, not only around changing nap times, but also mom schedules ? work, school, vacation, etc. Also, have girls nights out without the babies so you can see each other with heels, make up and jewelry.

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