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Join Glow Mama and Mommie Daze

May 15th, 2009 by amy

Mommie Daze Virtual Baby Shower, May 15 - June 8.  Join the celebration!  International event with amazing sponsors and fabulous prizes.  Win for yourself or for a mom-to-be/new baby you know.  Link up and party with us here and here.  Event hosted by Comfort Joy Designs.

Congratulations April Showers Winner: Megan!

May 2nd, 2009 by amy

Congrulations Megan!  Megan is the proud owner of a Serena & Lily Market Sling and a Glow Mama Mocktail Kit so she can celebrate the arrival of her new baby girl in style. Megan agreed with many of you that every baby & mama is a blessing and should be celebrated.

Amazing giveaway- I’ve been coveting the Market Sling for MONTHS! I’m due in June and would love to have this for the sweet little girl I have on the way (well, I would really love to have it for me!).

Second baby showers are wonderful! What group of girls doesn’t love the chance to get together, eat high fat food, talk too loud, laugh too hard and obsess over a friend! Showers are an amazing excuse to be women together! I’m all for every opportunity to celebrate.

Megan has some great friends, too - we loved this unique gift idea:

I just had my first baby shower last weekend- the most creative idea that came from this celebration was a photograph. I was instructed to wear a simple black dress. All my closest friends put a hand on my belly and a photograph was taken of my pregnant belly and the hands of my dearest friends. It was then blown up in black and white and the matt was signed by all the shower attendees. It is the most cherish item in my little darlings nursery. Beautiful, creative and meaningful shower gift that will last a life time.

Be sure to read the rest of the entries for more creative shower ideas! And don’t forget to support our sponsor, Serena & Lily.  Want a free catalog?

Mama Review: Buh-Bye Stretchmarks!

April 14th, 2009 by amy

Stretchmarks. One of those pesky side pregnancy side effects most everyone glosses over while emphasizing the glossy, thick hair and strong fingernails.  From what I’ve read of the research, stretchmarks are hereditary - and there’s not a heck of a lot you can do to prevent them initially.  But now you can help minimize them once they’ve appeared.  And with spring upon us and summer just around the corner….well, as my toddler, would say - buh-bye stretchmarks!

And hello Belli!

Belli Motherhood’s Stretchmark Minimizing Cream from Maternitique was formulated by Dr. Jason Rubin - originally for his own wife and baby. All the products in the Belli collection are made specifically to keep moms and babies safe, and the ingredients are scanned through the LACT-MED database for harmful chemicals. No artificial dyes or parabens here!

So now for what IS in it.  Well, ingredients shown in independent clinical trials to be effective on minimizing stretchmarks including darutoside (a plant extract), registril, and avocado oil (no wonder this California girl liked it so much!).

I was well into my 8th month of pregnancy before my pesky belli-marks showed up, so I’ve been trying out the cream for the past month.  First of all, it smells scrumptious - good enough to eat.  And it goes on easily with no greasy film left on your fingertips. Oh, and did I mention its the #1 OB/GYN recommended product for stretchmarks?  That alone is a good enough reason to try it!  But even better, my stretchmarks are definitely less noticeable than before using this cream - I’m sold.

The label recommends twice daily application for the first 4-6 weeks, and then once daily until desired results are achieved.

You can find Stretchmark Minimizing Cream (retail price $52) and whole Belli collection, as well as loads of other natural products for expectant and nursing moms over at Maternitique.   Maternitique offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so there’s no risk!  They stand behind and test every product they sell.  And you are in luck - Maternitique is offering a free 4 oz body firming serum with each Belli product through April 30th!

Our lucky March winner, Julie, received a tube too!  Don’t forget to enter our April Showers giveaway for other great mama products!

Glow Mama Giveaway! April Showers

April 4th, 2009 by amy

But instead of May flowers, these showers are here to party!  Baby showers, that is.  Or rather, as we like to think of them - mama showers!  If you are a regular Glow Blogs reader, you know that we are focused on maternal wellness and that we believe that a healthy and happy mama leads to happy healthy babies (not to mention husbands!).

So this month, we have another fabulous set of giveaway products to shower one lucky winner. And this shower is for the mama. Bring on the rain!

Market Sling by Serena & Lily Yes, technically this is to carry the baby, but its most definitely for mama with these gorgeous designs and sleek look - and what new mama doesn’t want to feel sleek? A $129 value and worth every penny! Check out all the gorgeous color options.  Size and color are Mama’s Choice.

Glow Mama Mocktail Kit - What’s a mama shower without a mocktail to make it complete?  But don’t take our word for it, use our mocktail kit and make your favorite recipe, or create your own and send it our way, we’d love to feature it!  Retail value of $39.95.

That’s what I call a shower - $175+ in giveaway value!  Like what you see here?  Request a Serena & Lily free catalog, or learn more about Glow Mama.

Be In To Win

Share with us your most creative mama shower idea (and we don’t mean guess-the-baby-food game!), tell us your opinion on showers for second children, or make us laugh.

Get an extra entry for tweeting, following us on twitter, or becoming a facebook fan!

Congratulations Fourth Trimester Winner!

April 1st, 2009 by amy

Drum roll please…March’s giveaway winner is…Julie @afterthestork and Calm Before the Stork.  You gotta love that name!  Julie - your jiggly belly will have help this month from our sponsors!  Baby Boot Camp kick-start program and gear, Maternitique and the Stretchmark Minimizing Creme (review coming soon!) and Bravado Designs Essential Nursing Tank.

Julie wants to know

How long is the 4th Trimester? Mine seems to have lasted 15 months!

I’m right there with you, Julie.  And her biggest surprise?

how jiggly my post-baby belly is, even though I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Now THAT’S something the Glow Mamas can relate to!  Enjoy your giveaway prizes Julie, and let us know what you think of our sponsor packages once you’ve been booted, pampered and dressed in a new tank.

Don’t forget to check back in the next few days to enter our April giveaway, we promise it’s worth it!

And the February winner is…Sharla!

March 2nd, 2009 by amy

Congratulations to Sharla, our deserving Glow Mama giveaway winner! Sharla is a busy mom of 4 (yes, 4!) boys who runs a preschool in her home and still finds time to blog as themomnerd. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired just thinking about it all!  We think you’ll agree that our February giveaway is just what Sharla deserves - a $150 gift certificate from Barefoot & Pregnant, The Home Pack from MedBasics, and a copy of The Stress-Free Pregnancy Guide.

We loved reading all of your comments, and we’re thrilled to see that so many of you just wanted some of that very important adult time to reconnect with your husband. Chocolate and pancakes were also high up there on the list of requests!

Thank you to all of our sponsors for their generous gifts for our winner. Please support our sponsors, and be sure to check back in a few days for our March giveaway details!

And the winner is…

February 3rd, 2009 by amy

Andreah -  congratulations!  Andreah was the winner of our January giveaway: No Butts About It!  She will be receiving all of the treats from our fabulous giveaway sponsors including:

  • Bootcamp for Butts box from Mama Mio
  • Jakfish hoodie
  • Stott Pilates Prenatal and Post-Natal Pilates DVDs
  • Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga (and Short Forms) DVDs from Jennifer Wolfe

How’s that for motivation?

Andreah is a mama to two boys, a blogger, and currently without internet access due to the ice storms we’ve been hearing about!  Amazingly, she was still able to get in touch with the help of a friend. Andreah’s resolution-keeping tip:

My favorite way to keep my resolution is to reward myself if I accomplish the goal (ex. losing 20 lbs.) etc. Thanks!

We agree - having something to look forward to is always a good motivator.  Like a new pair of jeans once you hit your weight-loss goal.  Good luck with your own motivation and thank you all for your tips!  And don’t forget to enter our February giveaway!

Mom’s Valentines Day Giveaway

February 2nd, 2009 by Glow Mama


Has your Valentines Day changed in recent years?  Did it used to be filled with chocolates, flowers, jewellery, a fancy restaurant, lengerie and sweet talk… is now instead filled with diet food, home-made cards, baby talk, take-out dinner and a night in, cuddled up in front of the TV in your pjs?  While we wouldn’t have it any other way… it would be nice to have a special treat JUST FOR YOU this month wouldn’t it? 

How about a big bundle of the gorgeous spa products from Barefoot & Pregnant?  Or a day of pampering at one of their specialty maternity spas?  Or a fantastic babymoon?  This $150 gift certificate from the generous gals at Barefoot & Pregnant would sure go a long way in making sure you got a special treat this Valentines month.  (PS. the products and services are perfect for all moms… not just the new and expecting varieties).

 Couple that with these fantastic other products, and you’ll be one relaxed, stress-free mom this Valentines…

The Home Pack from MedBasics is THE essential guide of what to do for babies in case of emergencies.  Thorough, compact and stylish, it really is a must have for moms.  Value = $35.

The Stress-Free Pregnancy Guide is a fabulous way to dispel the myths and put your worries to rest with a healthy dos of reassuring advice from a veteran OB/GYN. Value =  $10.

How do I enter?

Simply leave a comment here telling us what you’d like to, or did, receive for Valentines Day?  An extra hour of sleep?  An extra hour in the day?  A chocolate-filled, diet-free day?    Remember you can earn extra entries by leaving us a comment that you’re following Glow Mama on twitter… or that you twittered about our giveaway.

Kiwi Klips

January 15th, 2009 by amy

Mom Fuse is giving away a Two Week Taster of Glow Mama to one lucky entrant.  If you are reading this blog regularly, you probably already know the answers to some of the questions!  Check out all the ways to enter to win!

“No Butts about it” Giveaway

January 5th, 2009 by lucy

I don’t know about you, but my long list of excuses and “buts” is growing as fast as my butt is this winter.  Too much holiday candy, turkey and hot chocolate and not enough exercise.  Between the dark, short, cold days… the rain/snow, and the colds, we all need a little motivation to get moving again, stay healthy and keep glowing.  How about over $300 worth of inspiration to get you motivated with the New Years Resolutions? 

First up is this amazing Bootcamp for Butts box from Mama Mio.  The tagline is “a butt lift in a box - a complete skincare and exercise system to lift your butt in 30 days”!!  Doesn’t that sound great?!  Now considering we’ll be drawing this Jan 31st and they’ll ship it directly to you.. that means you could be buttless by mid March!  All three of the yummy creams - the body buff, the shrink to fit, and the tummy toner are “for today’s supermama”.. so yes they’re perfect for new and expecting moms.  My favorite part?  They smell great and have the words “zap cellulite” and “zap crepey skin” right on the funky bottles!   Value = $160

Next, for all the exercising you’re going to be doing, don’t you need some new styly work out clothes?  Thanks to Jakfish, you could be wearing this fantastic new innovative hoody.  Not only does it have all the necessary bits and pieces - four way stretch, wind-resistant, Polartec keep-your-skin-dry-fabric… but get this… it has side zips for when the belly expands.  It comes in snazzy blue or black and you get to pick your size from the kind folks at Jakfish.  Value = $90

So, now for the actual exercise bit?  Can’t decide whether to try yoga or pilates as your New Years Resolution?  How about both.   We’re also giving away the Stott Pilates Prenatal and Post-Natal Pilates DVDs (Value = $30) and the Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga (and Short Forms) DVDs from Jennifer Wolfe (Value = $32).  

How do you enter to win?  Leave us a comment here with your favorite tip for making and keeping New Years Resolutions - especially those that are health and wellness focused (aren’t they all?).  We’ll let the lucky winner know shortly after Jan 31st (open to US residents only).

Like to increase your odds of winning?  Please follow us on twitter, tweet about the contest, blog about the contest, or just make us laugh.

Recycled plastic bottles made into what?!

December 15th, 2008 by Glow Mama

Given that all our contest prizes this month are made from recycled drink bottles… we thought we’d feature some other pretty cool products (gifts perhaps?) made from bottles like Glow Mama.

Lamps… This awesome piece takes 150-200 plastic drink bottles, costs only $599 and is available from the great Etsy store of THISgallery (and yes, it comes with an eco-friendly fluorescent bulb).

Pet Beds…Yes, now even Spot can help your family go green.  This cave like bed from Bella is made from recycled drink bottles, is machine washable and hypoallergenic.


School uniforms… These are in the UK, but still, it would be a pretty good feeling to send Johnny off to school with pants and a fleece (they do skirts too) made out of recycled bottles don’t you think?.  Go Marks & Spencers!

If you haven’t entered into our draw to win the tote/diaper bag, umbrella, tableware, hat, scarf and blanket ALL made out of recycled plastic bottles yet… what are you waiting for? 

Tis the season to be Green!

December 3rd, 2008 by Glow Mama

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice or some combination thereof… there should be one color we can all agree on this holiday season… GREEN

The Glow Mamas are always on the look-out for new ways to be eco-conscious… our labels are printed with soy ink, our marketing materials are printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper and we actively encourage everyone to reuse and recycle their Glow Mama bottles…. so we’d love to hear your tips and thoughts.  How are you “glowing green” these holidays?   No wrapping paper?  Shopping at farmers market?  Home-made decorations?

Leave us a comment here and we’ll enter you in to WIN these incredible GREEN prizes. 

Enough Recyline tableware from Preserve - made from 100% recycled plastic - to host an impressive holiday party.  It’s reusable, recylcable, dishwasher safe… and stylish!  Of course we like the Pear Green, but the plates, cutlery and cups come in Tulip Red or Ocean Teal too.   Total value = $65

One of these fantastic Tote bags and “eco ‘brella” from the generous folks at act2 - Green Smart.  The bag is made from 100% recycled PET polyester and has two nifty zipper pockets and a organization panel.  It takes over 13 Glow Mama bottles to make one of these cool bags - perfect for a diaper bag we think.  The umbrella canopy is made from recycled drink bottles, the shaft is 70% recycled steel and aluminium and the handle is 70% recycled plastic.  Total Value = $55

Also made from recycled drink bottles (notice a theme yet?) are the great winter woolies from the friends at Cagoule Fleece.  All their hats, gloves and scarves are made from a cool new fiber called BottleFleece including the snazzy, warm and super soft blue hat and scarf we’re giving away.  Value = $40 

And how could we do a bottles-come-back-as-cool-stuff giveaway without including a Glow Mama Eco Blanket made from EcoFleece.  Its big (30 x 48), soft, snuggly and perfect for you and/or baby this winter.  Value = $40



How do you win these eco-cool goodies made from recycled plastic?  Simply leave us a comment here with your GREEN tip-of-the-season.   Of course extra entries can be earnt by twittering and blogging about the Glowing Green Giveaway - leave us comments here for every help-spread-the-word effort you do.

Glow’s Maternity Wellness Causes

November 25th, 2008 by lucy

In less than a week we’re going to close the polls and finalize our choice for which maternity wellness cause to support for the following year… and it occurred to me yesterday as I was helping hand out Thanksgiving dinner food bags at the Homeless Prenatal Program in San Francisco (yes each of the 300+ bags included a bottle of Glow Mama)… that we were being biased.  What about the other two fantastic organizations?

The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services is a fantastic joint effort of more than 26 organizational members, from Lamaze to Birthing From Within, who band together to promote a wellness model of maternity care.  Through evidence-based alternatives they focus on mother/baby/family friendly wellness to avoid the high-cost screening, diagnosis and treatment programs.  There are many ways to both give to them (donating, becoming an advocate, etc) and benefit from them (ie downloading their “ten questions to ask before having a baby” pdf).

Family Care International has spent the last 20 years making pregnancy and childbirth safer around the world.  They work in countries like Bolivia, Kenya and Niger to ensure the women there have access to quality maternal and newborn health care, as well as helping women and girls prevent and manage unintended pregnancies.   Donating just $60 will buy equipment for two clinics in Africa to screen pregnant women for high blood pressure.

So please cast your vote (in the grey box in our sidebar) and help us decide this Thanksgiving.  Need inspiration?  Below are the poll results so far.   Need more inspriation still?  As our way of saying thanks for helping us give, if you leave a comment on our November Thanks Giving-Away post telling us you voted, we’ll enter you in to win the big pile of goodies.  And if you blab about our thanksgiving efforts to others (blog, twitter, twittermoms, facebook), we’ll enter you again and again.  

November’s Thanks Giving-away

November 2nd, 2008 by Glow Mama

We’re spending our November focused on giving… both thanks and actual giving and we’re asking for your help picking which cause we should support for the next year.  In return, we’re giving you the chance to win more gorgeous mommy stuff…

Here is this month’s awesome goodie giveaway pack:

A super comfortable and stylish Nest Baby Sling in the Glow Mama matching “Shore” pattern from the generous mommy at Nonny & Boo.   Value = $90+

An Earth Mama Angel Baby Postpartum Recovery Kit, which includes yummy balms, sprays and bath herbs. Value = $46

A copy of the DVD “the best birth” from well-known birthing expert Sarah McMoyler.  Value = $35


Here is how you can enter:

1.  Read all about the three fantastic maternity wellness causes we’re thinking of supporting.

2.  Vote (using the nifty poll we have in the sidebar) whether you think we should help promote maternity wellness in our own backyard, in our country or across our world.

3.  Leave a comment to this post telling us you voted and, if you like, your thoughts behind your choice.

Of course there are always ways to earn more entries

Leave us a comment telling us you have either tweetered about our giveaway, followed us on twitter or twittermoms, become our friend on facebook, or signed up for our Glow Guide… or all of them!

Help us help others this Thanksgiving

November 2nd, 2008 by lucy

Not having grown up with Thanksgiving I’ve become enamored with the whole spirit of America’s most popular holiday.  I love the idea of stopping for a day to give thanks to those that give so much to us every other day of the year.  Since my thanksgiving dinner will be small again this year (two chairs and a highchair) we’ve decided to let Glow Mama show our thanks instead by getting behind a good cause, non-profit or organization.   The only trouble is… the Glow Mama team can’t narrow it down to just one. 

Thats why we need your help. 

Where would you rather helpand see us help (with our time, $ and energy) promote maternity wellness for expecting and new moms?  In our backyard, across the country, or around the world?   Please vote using the nifty poll below and we’ll let you know the results after Thanksgiving.  

Here are your three choices…

Our BackyardSan Francisco’s Homless Prenatal Program

“When families come to us, they begin to hope. We help them identify a strength upon which to build. Our goal is to partner with the parent so that the family achieves full health and stability. We want to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty so that the children will never end up on the streets again.”  Read their website

Our Country:   The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services

(CIMS) is a coalition of individuals and national organizations with concern for the care and well-being of mothers, babies, and families. Our mission is to promote a wellness model of maternity care that will improve birth outcomes… focuses on prevention and wellness as the alternatives to high-cost screening, diagnosis, and treatment programs.  Read their website

 Our World:  Family Care International

FCI envisions a world where no woman suffers preventable injury or death from pregnancy or childbirth related causes, and in which all people are able to enjoy their sexual and reproductive health and rights.  Read their website

Thanks for taking the time to vote….

Need an incentive to vote?  Leave us a comment on our Glow Mama Giveaway post with your preference, ideas and thoughts and we’ll enter you for this months wonderful goodies (worth $150+).