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Kiwi Klips

December 4th, 2008 by amy

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And CP over at 3Giraffes thinks Glow Mama

…tastes like a cross between pear and apple juice with some kiwi in there yet is not nearly as sweet and overpowering as a glass of sweet and sugary juice.

A pregnant Jen over at Mommy Instincts made her own “adult” beverage, how’s that for creativity? And did we mention she’s giving some away too?

I did mix it up a bit with some 7-up, and I seriously felt as though I was drinking a fancy wine spritzer. And if you know me, wine has been one of my cravings ever since the conception of this little bundle, so it definitely satisfied my hankering for an “adult drink”.

Jerri Ann had to fight off her kids & husband to get a sip of her Glow Mama samples!  While Glow is specially formulated for women’s needs, there’s nothing in it that isn’t great for everyone - kids too - so drink up DH and kids, just make sure mom gets some too.

…by the time I returned the next day for some more juice, my children (who are neither mothers or mothers-to-be either) had managed to put away my samples.  Gee, thanks guys.

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