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Wrapping Green

December 19th, 2008 by amy
green bow

I look forward to the moment I’ve purchased that last holiday gift of the season - typically someone from my husband’s office that he “forgot” to tell me about!  What comes next is something I actually look forward to, though that’s because I’m a first-born, Type A, self-described organization freak.  After my toddler is tucked in for the night, I pull out all the gifts from the closet and spread them out in all their glory. With a festive holiday movie in the background and a glass of cocoa, I get set for an evening of wrapping all the gifts for friends & family.  This year, though, inspired by Lucy’s eco-friendly birthday party challenge, I wanted to look for eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional wrapping, bows, tissue paper and gift bags.

Creative Tips for Wrapping up those holiday gifts eco-style!

  • Mailing Tubes - Use the tubes you have hidden away in the back of the closet “just in case” - they add a great eye-catching shape under the tree and rolled clothing (t-shirts, socks, pj’s) work especially well in the tube.  Then put your child’s creativity to work decorating the tube.
  • Use the Gift to Wrap - Someone on your list getting tube socks and a gift card?  Use the socks to hold the gift card and tie with a festive ribbon.  This works great for oversize items as well.
  • Tin Foil - Leftover tin foil isn’t hard to come by (at least at my house) and kids especially love its shiny tint - easy to wrap books or square object with instant glamour
  • Re-gift. In this case, its A-OK to re-use an item you have on hand.  Try a paperclip tin to house apiece of jewelry or a canning jar for a colorful tie.

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