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“No Butts about it” Giveaway

January 5th, 2009 by lucy

I don’t know about you, but my long list of excuses and “buts” is growing as fast as my butt is this winter.  Too much holiday candy, turkey and hot chocolate and not enough exercise.  Between the dark, short, cold days… the rain/snow, and the colds, we all need a little motivation to get moving again, stay healthy and keep glowing.  How about over $300 worth of inspiration to get you motivated with the New Years Resolutions? 

First up is this amazing Bootcamp for Butts box from Mama Mio.  The tagline is “a butt lift in a box - a complete skincare and exercise system to lift your butt in 30 days”!!  Doesn’t that sound great?!  Now considering we’ll be drawing this Jan 31st and they’ll ship it directly to you.. that means you could be buttless by mid March!  All three of the yummy creams - the body buff, the shrink to fit, and the tummy toner are “for today’s supermama”.. so yes they’re perfect for new and expecting moms.  My favorite part?  They smell great and have the words “zap cellulite” and “zap crepey skin” right on the funky bottles!   Value = $160

Next, for all the exercising you’re going to be doing, don’t you need some new styly work out clothes?  Thanks to Jakfish, you could be wearing this fantastic new innovative hoody.  Not only does it have all the necessary bits and pieces - four way stretch, wind-resistant, Polartec keep-your-skin-dry-fabric… but get this… it has side zips for when the belly expands.  It comes in snazzy blue or black and you get to pick your size from the kind folks at Jakfish.  Value = $90

So, now for the actual exercise bit?  Can’t decide whether to try yoga or pilates as your New Years Resolution?  How about both.   We’re also giving away the Stott Pilates Prenatal and Post-Natal Pilates DVDs (Value = $30) and the Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga (and Short Forms) DVDs from Jennifer Wolfe (Value = $32).  

How do you enter to win?  Leave us a comment here with your favorite tip for making and keeping New Years Resolutions - especially those that are health and wellness focused (aren’t they all?).  We’ll let the lucky winner know shortly after Jan 31st (open to US residents only).

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  2. stacey moore Says:

    my tip is to involve a friend, especially when the goal is to exercise more!

  3. Heidi Says:

    I find if I write my goals down and put them throughout my house where I see them often I stick to them better. Like paying off debt…I put a cardstock paper with that goal written on it and I tape it to my desk area, where I pay bills at. This way I reminded daily and it helps me.

  4. stacey moore Says:

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  6. Nancy J Says:

    Promise yourself a 1 month commitment to your resolution after which time evaluate your status. Were your expectations too great? Time to reevaluate and get back on track! Keep a daily diary with motivating sayings and pics on the cover . Look at it daily It will help you with your resolutions. Also remember a one time slip up does not mean failure.

  7. Nancy J Says:

    I’m following on twitter as nanaj46

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  9. stacey moore Says:

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  10. Kelley G Says:

    i combine two of my new year’s resolutions (eating better and spending less) by making my lunch at home and taking it to work.

  11. Jerri Ann Says:

    I am not really good at setting New Year’s Resolutions because I’m just not a really a goal setter and I know that sounds bad but the truth is, I’m just more about staying positive all the time and letting Life happen!

  12. kristy Says:

    my tip for keeping my new years resolution is to stay positive, surround yourself with people and things that will encourage and help you to stay motivated. Lastly, remember that no one is perfect, and if you slip, pick yourself back up and keep trying!

    thanks for the opportunity!

  13. sandy Says:

    make goals, and make them realistic

  14. Jessica Says:

    The number 1 tip is to first understand the reason behind the resolution and why its important. Be realistic and know that there is no perfect person and that failure is only a reason to try harder and in a different way till you find the way that works.

  15. Jessica Says:

    I wanted to add a little something to my previous answer. Some of us have children and husbands and other things that can bring a resolution to a halt. It is important to help the family understand also where you stand and what they can do to help. Keeping a diary may not be realistic in situations where you barely have time to cook with 4 kids 3 in diapers, one breast feeding. Finding that one that works for you is hard just keep at it till you do!

  16. Lorina Says:

    Being realistic and staying positive. Without either I don’t think it’s possible, which is where I stumble sometimes!

    I completely want to win! My husband and I are planning our 3rd!

  17. Lorina Says:

    Just tweeted.. here. Oh, and I already am following on Twitter. :)

  18. Andreah Says:

    My favorite way to keep my resolution is to reward myself if I accomplish the goal (ex. losing 20 lbs.) etc. Thanks!

  19. Andreah Says:

    I follow you on Twitter *simplyandreah*

  20. Annie Says:

    Laughing burns a lot of calories I’m told- and gives you abs of steel. Maybe if I spend my gym membership fees on comedy clubs I’d be more apt to go burn some calories, and have more fun in the process!

  21. Valerie M Says:

    best tip is to do it with a friend :)

  22. Valerie M Says:


  23. Valerie M Says:

    I promise I can make you laugh if you watch me do yoga ;)

  24. Valerie M Says:

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  25. Adventures In Babywearing Says:

    With New Year’s resolutions I’ve learned to set the bar a little lower- making goals for myself that are do-able so that I don’t get discouraged quickly and can see small successes. And I also try to set myself up to win- like stocking the kitchen with healthy choices and keeping the temptations out! I save the treats for when I go out occasionally!


  26. Misty VanEpps Says:

    I think its a struggle every day. im going to lose 50lbs this year. and im sticking to it by blogging it, there are others that read it and are probably thinking oh she wont do it, but im going to prove them wrong. and i like proving people wrong!

  27. Lisa Says:

    I would say not to make any resoultions LOL, but this year I made small one’s I know I can keep.

  28. Tracye Says:

    I’d say to make resolutions that are realistic, and set goals.

    Use a calendar or journal or diary or whatever method of “tracking” will keep you accountable. It’s motivating to look back and see how far you’ve come, when you feel like you’ve hit a plateau.

  29. Dee Says:

    oh how exciting! This would be fantastic!!! Ok so I’m pretty much against exercise! Its just no fun! But if you get a friend involved and they hold you accountable, you can do more! Also, I’ve tried to get rid of as much junk in my house so I’m not tempted to just eat that! I’m trying to stay more healthy for this baby and get as many nutrients as I can!

  30. Dee Says:

    I just started following you on twitter! TwoOfAKind…

  31. Lisa Says:

    I think the key to making and keeping New Years Resolutions is to have supportive people around you. Usually people try to eat healthy or exercise more, I think by doing it slowly, it won’t be such a shock to your system or schedule. I plan on losing my 50+ lbs of pregnancy weight & I know it won’t be easy but hopefully I’ll be back to my pre-baby weight by the end of the year!

  32. karissa Says:

    be realistic and get as much sleep as possible. you turn on cravings when you don’t get enough sleep. then you eat more. when you are hungry but shouldn’t be drink water!

  33. karissa Says:

    i would love to get rid of all of my butts! and buts!

  34. karissa Says:

    following you on twitter @glowmama I am @kagey10

  35. karissa Says: twittered about the no butts giveaway

  36. shannon Says:

    Take one day at a time, make goals realistic, do not give up! Do not forget to drink water, and chewing gum can sometimes fix those munchy cravings!

  37. jenna Says:

    Wok out with a friend!

  38. Jayme Says:

    stay positive and try and remember why you made the resolution in the first place. everyone slips up from time to time so don’t just throw your resolution out the window when you break it. just keep trying.

  39. leah Says:

    my best tip is to actually tell as many people as possible about your resolutions. you’ll stick by it if people are frequently asking you how you’re progressing.

  40. Deirdre Says:

    I set realistic goals so that i won’t give up too quick and the more people that know about them the more honest you have to be about trying to reach your goals!

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  42. Donna K Says:

    I would say to write it down and practice it daily.

  43. Donna K Says:

    Following on twitter. name-donnak4

  44. Nina C Says:

    I like this quote: “You got to be careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there.”
    ————Yogi Berra

    many often say Oh I don’t do new year’s resolutions…ok so when do you resolve to direct your own life? the above quote reminds us (me) that if we don’t make a plan our life may go somewhere we don’t like…I like to be in charge and in control…I plan and I achieve…

  45. betty r~simply southern Says:

    My key is keeping the things most important at the top of my priorities..which are god ,faith and family. all i have to do is look at my grandkids and the smile on thier faces..i know i want to be here to watch them grow up and help take care of them…

  46. betty r~simply southern Says:

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    my butt sags!!!



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    i am southernways

  50. Courtney Says:

    The key to keeping my resolutions is accountability. I have to tell people about my goal and have them keep be accountable for it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  51. Christine Says:

    To make a good resolution, the resolution has to be something that is realistic and something you really want to do.

  52. Tiffany Says:

    My tip is to make lists. If I have something on a list or calendar I’m more apt to do it.

    And trust me, my third-time-around prego body NEEDS to win this!! Ha!
    give_me_a_latte at yahoo

  53. jennifer Says:

    The key to keeping a resolution is to make it a habit instead of just a resolution. Practice your new habit daily for 21 days, and it will become part of your routine!

  54. Kaycee Says:

    Talk about motivation- this is a fantastic prize! My tip is to give yourself some wiggle room. If you need some chocolate, eat it and move on. The guilt can spiral you back into where you have always been! If you keep doing what you’ve always been doing, youll keep getting what youve always got!

  55. Joanna Says:

    I only stick to resolutions if they have an element of fun. My inspiration this month has been my new Wii fit. I love trying to beat my husband’s numbers in hoola hooping or ski-jumping! It keeps us motivated and the friendly (well, not always so friendly!) competition is so much more fun than couch surfing!

    p.s. my twitter name is Jojobeans26! I’m following you…

  56. Jessica Says:

    Make the resolutions realistic. And don’t make ones you know you will never keep. If you do stick to them be sure to reward yourself for a job well done!

  57. Jessica Says:

    Following you on twitter! pieceofmeblog

  58. Jessica Says:


  59. cari king Says:

    I think its best to work with a partner. It needs to be someone who will really push you and keep you in line. For me, this person is my husband…he sees my exercise schedule and my eating habits and isn’t afraid to tell me like it is.

  60. Heather H. Says:

    I really like to use a website called SparkPeople - it keeps me accountable for my choices. It tracks what I eat and how I exercise. Plus there are many other people on their in the same situation for support.

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  62. reeva Says:

    Great giveaway! I’m a firm believe in write it down - make it happen! The best way to stay on the right track eating wise is to only buy healthy foods! At the store if you question it before putting it in the basket you may want to just put it back

  63. Annmarie Says:

    I always try not to make too many resolutions, so I can really concentrate on one at a time! And each morning, I get up & think about what I can do that day to accomplish my goals.

  64. Annmarie Says:

    I’m following you on Twitter! (amweeks)

  65. mj Says:

    My favorite way to keep resolutions is to get my husband to keep me accountable.

  66. Ginny Says:

    Post your resolutions/goals somewhere so you can see it. Maybe by your desk, by your bed for when you wake up, at the fridge, etc. Visual reminders really help!

  67. Kelly Says:

    I wrote mine with a window marker on my bathroom mirror. I have to look at it EVERY morning.
    It’s kind of like reality starring at you everyday.
    Its a good reminder too.

  68. AutumH Says:

    For me in keeping my resolution to hit the gym, it helps to have my sister-in-law do it with me. We push each other to go and work harder and it has been working really well for us.

  69. AutumH Says:

    Following you on twitter and tweeted about it.

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  72. Caryn B Says:

    My goal is to lose weight. My best tips are as follows:
    Schedule work out time in….otherwise it won’t happen (especially if you have kids)
    Plan meals (very often I mess up on my diet when I haven’t planned ahead of time so I’m scrambling at the last minute because I’m starving)
    Journal (it’s been found to really help with weight loss, particularly related to diet. People eat a lot more then they think they do. Seeing it visually helps cut calories and portion sizes)
    Get support (the reason why WW is so effective is because you have to go in and get weighed and their is accountability)
    : ) Thanks for an awesome giveaway

  73. Caryn B Says:

    I’m following you on twitter! username rockinmama and I’m going to tweet right now!

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