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Glow Mama Giveaway! April Showers

April 4th, 2009 by amy

But instead of May flowers, these showers are here to party!  Baby showers, that is.  Or rather, as we like to think of them - mama showers!  If you are a regular Glow Blogs reader, you know that we are focused on maternal wellness and that we believe that a healthy and happy mama leads to happy healthy babies (not to mention husbands!).

So this month, we have another fabulous set of giveaway products to shower one lucky winner. And this shower is for the mama. Bring on the rain!

Market Sling by Serena & Lily Yes, technically this is to carry the baby, but its most definitely for mama with these gorgeous designs and sleek look - and what new mama doesn’t want to feel sleek? A $129 value and worth every penny! Check out all the gorgeous color options.  Size and color are Mama’s Choice.

Glow Mama Mocktail Kit - What’s a mama shower without a mocktail to make it complete?  But don’t take our word for it, use our mocktail kit and make your favorite recipe, or create your own and send it our way, we’d love to feature it!  Retail value of $39.95.

That’s what I call a shower - $175+ in giveaway value!  Like what you see here?  Request a Serena & Lily free catalog, or learn more about Glow Mama.

Be In To Win

Share with us your most creative mama shower idea (and we don’t mean guess-the-baby-food game!), tell us your opinion on showers for second children, or make us laugh.

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67 Responses to “Glow Mama Giveaway! April Showers”

  1. courtney Says:

    I think showers for second children are fine. Having a baby is an exciting happy time, so why not celebrate! It’s not just an excuse to get gifts from a registry, it’s a time to get together all the women in your life who are special and share life’s sweetness and some mocktails :)

  2. SANDY Says:

    Showers are great but we had a mommy daddy shower for the second baby and had everyone bring their favorite movie..or one they knew the parents would like and some even brought kids movies- yes we had the mom register a list of favorite movies and she did not have a large collection already so it was perfect. We knew they had a dvd player already so that was a bonus and everyone pitched in a little more for movies they wanted to see- we paid- prepaid for a year of blockbuster to be brought to the door. Why movies- as new parents its hard to get out and people thought its a treat for this..people made baskets with popcorn and drink mixes..pasta meals and the movie..some brought diapers(the parents used reuseable but disp are always good for emergencies). It was fun because it was totally different, and we played trivia with kids names from movies-characters names, etc. Yes its nice to celebrate the baby and have presents which they were brought, but also to the parents to celebrate them too.

  3. Lindsay V Says:

    At my sister-in-law’s shower, they played a game where they cut several blown-up pictures of the mother and father (not originals of course!). They cut out the eyes, nose, hair, etc. and put them together to form what they thought the baby would look like. The results were hilarious and everyone had fun participating.

  4. Jess Says:

    I have done a couple fun things at showers….One they had all the guests send in pics of themselves as a baby then post them up for everyone to guess!

    I also totally think that buying onesies & fabric paint for each guest to decorate for the baby is a super cute idea! Then of course hand out awards for the funniest, cutest, creative, etc

    I also love the idea of everything mini. Mini sausages wrapped in cresent rolls, mini drinks, mini cupcakes, etc.

    I totally think 2nd baby showers are fine! I never got a second but wish someone would have thrown me one! (sorry im not very funny lol)

  5. Maggie M Says:

    I’ve put together several baby showers in my lifetime, from first baby to a fourth baby. Every baby deserve new newborn clothes, onesies, layette sets, bamboo towels, hoodie towels and baby care products. One shower we had a “tea party” theme for a second baby and guests were asked to wrap up their gift(s) and either attach them to a decorative tea cup & saucer set or fill a large coffee mug with a onesie, or wash cloths or other baby essentials, or a spa essential for the new Mom. Some even brought their shower gifts in large teapots. We held the shower in my sister-in-laws wonderful back yard and used canopy-tents laced with tulle, each table was set with flowers in a tea cup or tea pot (which I bought at Thrift Stores), and I made several kinds of finger foods, ice tea punch and hot tea & coffee. At the end, each guest left with a tea cup & saucer, along with artisan chocolates I purchased on line and a small spa product. We had prizes for the best hat (everyone was asked to dress up for the tea party) as well as a few baby games. It was a huge success.

  6. Maggie M Says:

    I’m a subscriber by email :)

  7. Queen of the Click Says:

    For our family and friends who have had a second baby, we have given the family a shower. Good food and drinks, plus games and special gifts. It turns out that Dads love being part of baby showers and are competitive so we have had contests. One contest is that the Dads dress up as a baby and the Moms and kids decide who is the best or funniest baby. Another contest is we have the experienced Dads race the less experienced Dads in putting diapers on babies.

    - Older siblings are given shirts which say “I am the big brother or sister” and books to help them feel special and get ready for the day.

    - Onesies are decorated by the Moms and grandmas love to bring extra materials to make even fancier onesies.

    - At one shower everyone painted a flower or animal on the wall of the nursery.

  8. Queen of the Click Says:

    I’m following you on Twitter!

  9. summer Says:

    I don’t see why having a shower for second children is a problem sor some people. I think all children deserve to be welcomed into the world with a party!!

  10. Heather Says:

    I think all children should be celebrated not just first children…maybe that’s where middle child syndrome all begins because they don’t get showered and loved on like the first baby! I mean I don’t think moms should register for it but I definately think it should be celebrated!!!

  11. Elizabeth Says:

    I love book showers. Reading with your kids is such a rewarding experience, and to be able to say “Aunt Sarah gave you this book” adds a personal touch. Plus, it’s so interesting to see what books people pick out - their own childhood favorites, new ones no one has heard of, it’s great to get such a variety!

  12. Prissy Says:

    Not everything can be “handed down” to the second child, and sometimes they are spaced too close together to hand down items such as baby beds, carrier seats, etc. I think a second shower is just fine! I always enjoy the game where everyone brings a baby picture of themselves, and we have to figure it all out!

  13. Sara Says:

    I think showers for second child are ok if you are having a different sex or if it has been a long while since you had previous child. A game I like is match the movie star baby picture to the famous parent.

  14. Sara Says:

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  15. Sara Says:

    tweeted it

  16. shari Says:

    I went to a shower once where we played “guess the drink”–basically it was a mocktail version served in a baby bottle. This would be great to showcase your drink!

  17. shari Says:

    I follow you on twitter–apsychmommy

  18. xenia Says:

    I went to a baby shower where each guest had a necklace made to look like a pacifier (they were made out of white lifesavers with a blue jellybean stuck to the middle) and you weren’t allowed to say the word Baby. If you caught someone saying it then you took their necklace and at the end whoever had the most won a prize. It was a lot of fun and actually got pretty competitive! At the same shower we also played Baby Bingo, where we were given blank Bingo cards and you got to guess what items the mom-to-be would open and then when she did unwrap the gifts we all played Bingo. That was fun, too!

  19. Wehaf Says:

    I’m not a big fan of baby shower games, but I like the idea of having fabric squares and fabric markers for the guests. Each one decorates a square, and they are then sewn together into a blanket for the baby.

  20. Marlena U. Says:

    I think baby showers for a second child is acceptable as long as family/friends volunteer to do it. I’ve had friends “ask” for a baby shower and I think that is rude.

    A fun game that I recently played at a shower was that the host numbered the gifts as they arrived at the shower. As the mom to be opened the gifts, she would call off the number and guests played BINGO. It was a fun way to pass the time!

  21. Jaclyn Says:

    I think showers for second children are great so long as it has been a sufficcient amount of time between babies. No Irish twins! I hope I get one but I would never ask for one! Like a previous person said if someone is offering then I think it’s ok.

  22. Mary Preston Says:

    I didn’t have a shower for either children probably because my Mother-In-Law put me on ‘the list’. I made a mistake once about asking her about HER LIST - big mistake she added my name. Lovely woman, charming woman, she gives witches a bad name. Showers for second children: go for it. Have fun & celebrate with friends & family & be thankful you avoided ‘the list’.

  23. Sharon R Says:

    I think showers for a second child are a great idea. Many things can not be passed down from child to child.

  24. Renee Campbell Says:

    The most creative thing we’ve done at a shower is more practical than creative I guess: we decorate with items that can be later used by the new mom, like baby books, tub toys, bottles filled with candies, etc. that way the mom gets extra goodies and we don’t buy tons of silly decorations that get used once and then thrown away. And I always tell the mom to keep the plastic tablecloths–she’ll need them when her child is old enough to feed himself (put one under the highchair for easy clean up) and when he’s old enough to use paint, markers, and play-dough!

  25. sandra Says:

    i didn’t have a shower for my second child but that was decided on by others. i would have liked to have had a shower.

  26. Katelyn Says:

    I believe in showers at least every 10 years. You get married & have a wedding shower, you get pregnant & have a baby shower. What about milestones like - “All my kids are in school now” shower. Or “We’ve been married for 10 years” shower. I know this is a little revolutionary, but I wholeheartedly support the concept of getting showered with updated kitchen utensils, home decor, jewelry, gear, etc. on a regular basis. Now if I can only get my friends to think so too. All of them. Is it ok to throw showers for myself?

  27. Cher Says:

    The idea of a shower in my book is to celebrate life and the joy of a growing family and circle of friends. Enjoy!!!

  28. Andreah Says:

    I think baby showers should be given for every child whether it’s the second or the fifth. They are a special way to celebrate a new life and everyone deserves one.

  29. socmama Says:

    I like the idea of a shower for a second (or third) child. But the focus should be a little different. I like the idea of a diaper shower, or just a fun party to celebrate the mother and new baby!

  30. Erica Says:

    I say throw showers for every baby. Births are something to be celebrated. Showers where all the gifts are books or diapers are perfect for a second child. We can never have enough books or diapers, can we??

  31. Erica Says:

    I’m a twitter follower, twitter id: lacadazy

  32. Jen Spica Says:

    One shower I went to had a great party gift for everyone. For the favor- we all recieved hand/neck massages from a massuese as we fellowshipped. It was fantastic. What a great way to spend a shower!

  33. Jen Spica Says:

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  34. Jen Spica Says:

    I tweeted @jenspica

  35. Jennifer Says:

    I think baby showers for any baby is fine, 1st, 2nd, or beyond! Something that my friend did for my baby shower was print up baby bingo cards and it was lots of fun!! Which another neat thing I like to see done at showers is to have each guest write a note or advice to baby and have Mom keep it until they are old enough to understand and appreciate what the cards say!

  36. Keitha Says:

    We have had a pamper momma shower for moms second child. We bought her all kinds of things to help make her feel good, and to have with her in the hospital! Comfy pj’s, lotions, perfume, house shoes, socks, etc. This was really great for mom becuase, usually, all of the focus is on baby, and mom gets pushed to the side!

  37. Erin Says:

    I think showers for second and third babies are just fine. The mommy probably already has some big basics, but there are always things you need. I’m currently pregnant with #2 and am praying someone throws me a “bring a meal for the freezer” shower for me to save me the cooking around my due date!

  38. Maggie Smith Says:

    I think that you should have a shower for Baby #2 especially if it is the opposite sex from baby #1!

  39. Maggie Smith Says:

    I am following you on Twitter!!

  40. LN Says:

    You know, I was JUST wondering if people throw showers for second babies…I mean you have most everything, though a double stroller if your oldest is not too old would be nice — perhaps people could pitch in for a nicely expensive one ;)
    I guess if the kids are VERY far in age or of a different gender (and it’s known) a shower would come in handy.
    Me? I have 3 kids under 4 and never had a shower :( I’m still waiting for someone to buy me a nice double stroller ;) Until then, I’ll enter your giveaway so I can wear my baby instead :) (I do have a terrible sling I want to replace and a Mei Tai but slings are my favorite for newborns.)

    Now if only my husband agreed that I actually NEED all this baby stuff!

  41. Tiffany Says:

    I hosted a shower once and we played “The Price is Right.” I had a variety of baby items that I purchased for the mom (everyday things like bottles, diapers, pacifiers, washcloths, etc.). Guests had to guess the retail price of each item, and whoever came the closest to the grand total without going over won a prize. It was a lot of fun, and mom kept the items we played with.

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  43. Susan K. Says:

    I think it’s fine to have a shower for a second baby but I’d leave it up to my friends to decide if they wanted to throw one for me again. Especially if the second baby is going to be the opposite sex then why not?

  44. Susan K. Says:

    I’m a Facebook fan!

  45. Susan K. Says:

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  46. Corrie Kolbe Says:

    I’m all about showers for the 2nd, or more, kids!! Products change, things expire, and no matter what you hang on to, diapers, wipes, binkies, and bottles don’t keep for long!!

  47. Raelena Says:

    I think its great to have a shower for every child you have! why not? I recently went to a shower and everyone decorated onesies with fabric paint which i thought was fun (it was especially fun though because we are all a bunch of hippies lol, so that baby is gonna be decked out in tie dye and Grateful Dead bears)

  48. Raelena Says:

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  49. Raelena Says:


  50. melissa Says:

    we played one where someone bought a bunch of standard baby stuff (like butt paste, teethers, etc) and we had to guess the price. It was funny to see those of us without kids how far off we were. =)

  51. Naomi Says:

    Make the boys plan it!

  52. Carol Says:

    I am 100% supportive of baby showers for a second baby. A baby is a wonderful gift from above, and should always be celebrated.

  53. Carol Says:


  54. Carol Says:

    Facebook fan carol p dziuba

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  56. Mindy Says:

    The best shower idea I’ve heard is melting candy bars in diapers & having guests guess what candy is the fake poo :)

    Showers are nice no matter what # child, its a gift & time to celebrate

  57. MommyNamedApril Says:

    What a fantastic giveaway!

    At the baby shower I recently hosted we played a ‘Guess the Parents’ game where I had used Photoshop to blend different celebrity faces together. It was a big hit!!!

    As for second (and third, and fourth…) baby showers, I think they’re fine, but if the pregnancies are close in time, then it would be considerate to the guests to have maybe something smaller like a diaper party, rather than a full blown shower.

  58. MommyNamedApril Says:

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  59. Sarah Says:

    We’re expecting our second child this year, as are 8 other couples in our circle of friends! Must be something in the water. :-) Instead of gifting them with traditional gear or cute little outfits, I’ll be focusing on personalized, one-of-a -kind items. Monogrammed blankets, personalized wall art, custom jewelry, etc. Just little somethings to make baby #2 feel special and cherished.

  60. Megan Says:

    Amazing giveaway- I’ve been coveting the Market Sling for MONTHS! I’m due in June and would love to have this for the sweet little girl I have on the way (well, I would really love to have it for me!).

    Second baby showers are wonderful! What group of girls doesn’t love the chance to get together, eat high fat food, talk too loud, laugh too hard and obsess over a friend! Showers are an amazing excuse to be women together! I’m all for every opportunity to celebrate.

    I just had my first baby shower last weekend- the most creative idea that came from this celebration was a photograph. I was instructed to wear a simple black dress. All my closest friends put a hand on my belly and a photograph was taken of my pregnant belly and the hands of my dearest friends. It was then blown up in black and white and the matt was signed by all the shower attendees. It is the most cherish item in my little darlings nursery. Beautiful, creative and meaningful shower gift that will last a life time.

  61. melissa Says:

    This is for a dual shower (2 or more moms to be) but it was fun. We were given facts or statements about one of the moms and we had to guess which one it was.

  62. lace Says:

    I believe it’s important to celebrate and welcome each child a family has. The shower for second, third, fourth etc. can be more theme such as having everyone bring a favorite book for the baby/sibling/parent or everyone brings family games or something like that. They won’t need big items but I think everyone should get some new clothes and some fun items.

  63. DEBIJOT Says:

    I have two children, a boy and a girl. I had a shower for each one. Each birth is a time of celebration and all that comes with that. I have an album for each that has pictures from their baby shower.

  64. Glow Mama Blog » Blog Archive » Congratulations April Showers Winner: Megan! Says:

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