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Breastfeeding Tips

April 20th, 2009 by dieticianmama

No matter how many different formulas out on the market today, the formulas are not exactly the same as breast milk. If you are looking to cut cost, then breastfeeding is the way to go today, saving a parent ~$2000 a year in formula plus extra savings from unnecessary doctor visits.

Benefits for breastfeeding for your baby to help reduce health problems:

  • ear infections  - diarrhea   - asthma
  • stomach viruses  - respiratory infection     - obesity
  • diabetes   - childhood leukemia
  • SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)
  • nectrotizing enterocolitis (affects gastrointestinal tract)

Breast feeding also helps moms reduce their weight & their health risk of:

  • diabetes   - breast cancer
  • ovarian cancer  - post partum depression

Breastfeeding helps to have a healthy, happy baby.  So why do 1/3 of the ¾ women who start breast feeding only make it to 6 months? I have gathered some tips to help with couple problems you might have during breastfeeding, so you can keep breastfeeding the recommended amount by American Pediatric Association of 6 months to 1 year.

Dealing with sore nipples:

  • rub your nipples with some breast milk which has natural healing properties & make sure you air dry and keep them dry
  • change positions each time you breastfeed & make sure the baby is on the breast not just the nipple


  • make sure the baby is latched on properly; don’t let more than 4hrs go by before breastfeeding again during the first few weeks; don’t overuse the pacifier
  • if going back to work, make sure pump about same time; also try pumping some milk out to save for later if filling full
  • some women swear by placing cabbage leaf over breast with cut out for nipple & changing the leaf with a new one after old one has wilted

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