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We’re on Maternity Leave!

June 3rd, 2009 by lucy

While we’re delighted to be all getting big, round and ready to pop at the same time, we are sorry we need to shut down the Glow Mama online store for a few months.  Please keep checking back with us as we’ll return from maternity leave as soon as possible.  Thanks for your Glow Mama enthusiasm and best wishes.  We’ll try not to drink all the Glow Mama stock while we’re gone!

Cheers, from Glow Mama Team

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12 Responses to “We’re on Maternity Leave!”

  1. Deborah Carroll Says:

    I am trying to purchase your product for my daughter. I cannot find anywhere that sells it around us, nor get onto the page on your website to locate a store that does sell your product. Would you please let me know how I would purchase the Glow Mama.


  2. Christie-A Work In Progress Says:

    Congrats!! Relax and enjoy! Send pictures!!

  3. optiontradingstock Says:

    Thanks a lot for your assistance!

  4. Vitamins Says:

    Thank you for writing such an interesting blog.

  5. Lesa Sandage Says:

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  6. NudePhotoPersonals Says:

    Hello, thank you for bringing me such a surprising story on a Wednesday!

  7. Allyson Says:

    I would love to order this for a friend. Please let me know how and when I can do this!

  8. striation cosmetyn Says:

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  9. MomtoEllaBella Says:

    When are you coming back? Where can I buy the drink?

  10. shweta Says:

    Can I get this in India? You have any store in India?

  11. Elizabeth Mayer Says:

    where did you guys go? i would love to try your product but amazon doesn’t even have it in stock anymore. hope you get glow mama up and running again soon :D

  12. Carman Says:

    Are you taking orders again? Interested in trying your product.

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