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How to feed a Happy Baby

September 12th, 2008 by amy

As a Type-A, first-born, card-carrying Virgo, my innate need to nest & organize quadrupled when I became pregnant.  The baby room had to be just perfect, I switched to all green cleaners, and latched on to the organic trend.  That last one was a simple change that has stuck with our now family of three.  Trips to the farmer’s market have become part of our Saturday morning ritual, which unfortunately no longer includes sleeping in!

Luckily, there are lots of new mom-owned businesses to make healthier living do-able, even when you’ve been up half the night nursing.  Happy Baby falls into that category for me.  I had visions of happily pureeing baby food while my little boy slept cozily in his bassinet.  For the days that didn’t quite work out as planned (and there were many), Happy Baby was Plan B.  A mom-developed product line out of Brooklyn and endorsed by Dr. Sears, I felt confident about what I was putting into that delicate little belly.  All the products are USDA organic and processed in a wheat-free, gluten-free, and dairy free facility.  The first foods (yup, that’s the infamous rice cereal) also contain probiotics - great for those little digestive systems.  Convenient portions mean less food waste, its frozen so there are no preservatives and best of all, the food actually tastes like something you’d recognize - no more mystery-meat surprise!

Happy Baby Logo

Happy Baby has offered Glow Mama readers a coupon for $1 off Happy Baby family of products.

See their store locator to find some near you.  Maybe they should rename the company Happy Mama…

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