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September 25th, 2008 by amy

We recently packaged up a few Glow Mama samples and sent them to some of our favorite mommy bloggers to sip for sustenance while frantically typing away.  As a new feature to the Glow Mama Blog, we’re happy to bring you Kiwi Klips: Glow News & Reviews from around the Blogosphere. We’re learning every day from our customer feedback (keep ‘em coming!), and we hope that sharing our friends with you will help you make new discoveries too!

Laura Williams’ Musings As a wife and mama to seven children which she homeschools, and a blogger to boot - we thought she could use a mocktail. How does she do it? Well, we hope that Glow helped her keep her energy up, at least that day!

…it definitely woke my tongue up.  WOW!   It was refreshing as well as just a tiny bit tart (which I love) and boy did it have a zing with it.  LOVE IT!!

Want to see what else Laura had to say?  Read the whole Glow Mama review, and Laura’s other musings.  Laura, we’ll share our latest mocktail recipes, if you tell us how you have time to blog with 7 children!

Red Sox Mommy As a fellow Boston area transplant to the West Coast, I too am a Red Sox fan, though not quite the fans that Natalie and family are…Go BoSox!

A Wrestling Addicted Mommy’s Blog Who knew how many water-haters there were out there? Well we’re glad to bring Glow to the rescue, making healthy just a little more tasty.

Basically, Glow Mama is a what you see is what you get drink, no surprises.

Thanks for the reviews, ladies, we’re so glad you enjoyed Glow.

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