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Working Motherhood: You’re in Good Company

October 4th, 2008 by amy

Have you ever looked at your neighbor, colleague, or friend and felt, with envy, that they made juggling

Full House at the Working Motherhood Event in SF

Full House at the Working Motherhood Event in SF

family and work look easy? You know, the one with the fresh manicure who is CEO by day, weekend tri-athlete and bakes from scratch?  Well, I left the Working Motherhood New Formulas for Success Event in San Francisco Thursday evening in good company…namely, with over 500 successful women who have all felt that way at some point, including the highly regarded keynote speaker and panel.

After an anecdotal and poignant keynote by Lisa Belkin, the panel of successful women discussed their attempts to balance work and family successfully. I came away with a few good takeaways to share - ones that every working mother can use each day.

  • It Will Change: Be prepared to adjust your schedule often, usually in 6 month increments.
  • “Don’t confuse activity with results” a great reminder by panelist Valerie Taglio, VP at HP. Be efficient and delegate what you can.
  • Carve out family time and stick to it. For one panelist that meant leaving at 5 pm on the dot each afternoon, for another that was turning off the blackberry through the dinner hour. Do what works for you.
  • “Be Present” - We loved this idea from Tina Sharkey, CEO of BabyCenter.  It’s simple, but not often executed well.  Our interpretation:  try not to multi-task (ok, try to multi-task *less*) and enjoy the moment.  Now please excuse me while I check on dinner and change a diaper with my other hand.

Whatever your personal situation - SAHM, WAHM, Job Share, CEO, Entrepreneur or Mommy Blogger, all of these reminders apply and can be simple changes you can make every day.

And last but not least, a recurring theme throughout the night.

Take a moment to consider all that you accomplished today, and celebrate.

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