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Feel your boobies…

October 13th, 2008 by lucy

 Yes the 2nd annual Feel your Boobies week has officially begun and we’re doing our part in reminding you to do as it says… and check out the girls.   Mammograms are almost always focused at the 40+ ladies and there are plenty of formal embarrassing self-examination pamphlets around,… so this great organization is there for the younger chicks.  As the “boobies girls” know from first hand experience, “feeling your boobies is just as effective in identifying lumps and changes as doing a formal self-breast exam.” Good luck.

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  1. Kim @ What's That Smell? Says:

    I’m 36, so I think I’m still a “younger chick” but barely…thanks for the info!

  2. Glow Mama Blog » Blog Archive » Breast Cancer Basics Says:

    [...] screening and early detection are key elements of discovering the disease at an early stage, so breast self-exams and regular mammography screenings are [...]

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