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Baby’s own personal play place!

June 12th, 2008 by shopamama

Baby’s Play Place from Bright Starts convinced me that my old playmat was just not good enough. There is so much more to this product than just a mat with some toys dangling. I loved how many options it gave you and the way it would grow with your baby. All four sides can be raised up or laid flat. The two toy bars can be positioned in so many different ways because they have 3 bar slots on two sides of the play space. I found the product to be very well padded and comfy. I really liked being able to put all four sides up and create an enclosed area for a baby. The Play Place comes with 7 fun toys including a mirror. All of the toys can be hung wherever you prefer. The mat also has crinkly flowers on it that stimulate a baby. I was so pleased with the fun bright colors and the outdoor design. The mat itself was pretty easy to fold up and it was machine washable. I don’t see myself toting this to a play date but I would take it on a trip with me. I think that for the most part though it would have a permanent home in a our family room. I put together a short video showing some of the ways you could use the Baby’s Play Space. I don’t have a baby yet so Connor had some fun trying to show you what you could do with the mat:

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