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November 27th, 2008 by amy

Liz, a Bay Area Mama and Blogger had the opportunity to try Glow last week.

I was just able to try this drink, Glow Mama, for pre and post natal women, and I’m telling you it’s YUMMY! I’d drink it all the time, it’s so much more refreshing than so many drinks out there.

Luckily, she can pick up Glow Mama anytime at her local Mollie Stone’s.

And Phyllis of BabySwags

was a bit unsure if I would actually like it, but I did. It was not as sweet as I was thinking it would be and it had a rather light taste, much like that of a flavored water. But the real joy did not come until I tried one of the mocktail recipes provided on the website that I really felt ‘glowishous’, yeah that is my Fergie made up word, but when you really put yourself in a certain mindset and really take a moment to enjoy yourself, you’ll know what I mean

Phyllis, we love glowishous - we might just have to use that again!

Hannah is a fan of mocktails for moms and encourages her readers to enter the Babyfingers contest for some free Glow - good advice so we’re passing it along here too!

It is a refreshing flavoured drink that isn’t too sweet–it’s filled with essential vitamins, minerals and fiber.  It  is a hydrating drink with the crisp taste of kiwi.  Did I mention the mocktails?  And you can win a two-week supply by entering the contest over at Babyfingers!  How’s that for cost!?

And a VERY Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  We hope your day is restful, filled with friends and family, and that the year has brought you much to be thankful for.

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