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Tis the season to be Green!

December 3rd, 2008 by Glow Mama

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice or some combination thereof… there should be one color we can all agree on this holiday season… GREEN

The Glow Mamas are always on the look-out for new ways to be eco-conscious… our labels are printed with soy ink, our marketing materials are printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper and we actively encourage everyone to reuse and recycle their Glow Mama bottles…. so we’d love to hear your tips and thoughts.  How are you “glowing green” these holidays?   No wrapping paper?  Shopping at farmers market?  Home-made decorations?

Leave us a comment here and we’ll enter you in to WIN these incredible GREEN prizes. 

Enough Recyline tableware from Preserve - made from 100% recycled plastic - to host an impressive holiday party.  It’s reusable, recylcable, dishwasher safe… and stylish!  Of course we like the Pear Green, but the plates, cutlery and cups come in Tulip Red or Ocean Teal too.   Total value = $65

One of these fantastic Tote bags and “eco ‘brella” from the generous folks at act2 - Green Smart.  The bag is made from 100% recycled PET polyester and has two nifty zipper pockets and a organization panel.  It takes over 13 Glow Mama bottles to make one of these cool bags - perfect for a diaper bag we think.  The umbrella canopy is made from recycled drink bottles, the shaft is 70% recycled steel and aluminium and the handle is 70% recycled plastic.  Total Value = $55

Also made from recycled drink bottles (notice a theme yet?) are the great winter woolies from the friends at Cagoule Fleece.  All their hats, gloves and scarves are made from a cool new fiber called BottleFleece including the snazzy, warm and super soft blue hat and scarf we’re giving away.  Value = $40 

And how could we do a bottles-come-back-as-cool-stuff giveaway without including a Glow Mama Eco Blanket made from EcoFleece.  Its big (30 x 48), soft, snuggly and perfect for you and/or baby this winter.  Value = $40



How do you win these eco-cool goodies made from recycled plastic?  Simply leave us a comment here with your GREEN tip-of-the-season.   Of course extra entries can be earnt by twittering and blogging about the Glowing Green Giveaway - leave us comments here for every help-spread-the-word effort you do.

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112 Responses to “Tis the season to be Green!”

  1. Kim @ What's That Smell? Says:

    My green tip of the season would be to use reusable gift bags rather than disposable bags or wrapping.

  2. Christina Says:

    Fleece made from recycled bottles? How cool! The tableware looks fun, too.

    My green tip of the season is to replace any Christmas lights with LED lights, which use less energy. It also doesn’t hurt to cut back on the light displays, too - it’s really not necessary to compete with the neighbors for who has the most outdoor lighting.

    We’re also reusing gift bags again this year - some of our gift bags are over 10 years old!

  3. Christina Says:

    I tweeted the contest, too:

  4. T with Honey Says:

    My green tip: recycle the Christmas cards from last year. They can be transformed into gift tags, Christmas ornaments or decorations and there are a lot of tutorials on the web to show you how.

  5. Condo Blues Says:

    My green tip: Wrap gifts reusing old metal cookie gift tins! Also if you give a gift that requires batteries, wrap up a set of rechargeable batteries along with main gift.

  6. Condo Blues Says:

    I tweeted about the contest @condoblues.

  7. Jess Says:

    Buy local! Many local artisans make awesome gifts, and if you can’t get everything you need make a list of what you need/want and find out where you can go to get all of that-don’t waste gas!

  8. Christie-A Work In Progress Says:

    Yippee! I want these prizes! They are so great! Will definitely help in my efforts to go greener!

  9. Sarah at Ohana Mama Says:

    My green tip of the season is to make crafts with the kids while they are home from school over the holidays with recycled things found around the house. No Time For Flash Cards does this and it’s awesome!

  10. Carolyn G Says:

    My green tip is to use newspapers to wrap gifts. Find the color sections or just ones with text and add really pretty ribbons and bows to make it special.

  11. Michelle Says:

    My green tip: instead of gift wrap or gift bags, buy eco-friendly grocery bags to use to “wrap” your presents. Most of those bags are adorable anyway (Target has great red grocery bags that retail for 99 cents) and you can dress them up with ribbon and gift tags you recycle from old Christmas cards. The bag can later be used by its recipient for grocery/store shopping!

  12. Michelle Says:

    a tweet for you too

  13. Dawn Says:

    Tweet complete!

  14. Dawn Says:

    My tip for this year is to buy the reusable grocery bags to put my gifts in, that way you are giving a gift, plus an additional gift of the grocery bag!

  15. Dawn Says:

    I linked to you on my blog!

  16. Heather Says:

    I made several of my own decorations this year. We also wrap presents that will fit in coloring pages from the kids coloring books.

  17. Heather Says:

    tweeted you!

  18. Jean D. Says:

    My daughter and I are crazy for vintage clothing. We prefer “pre-owned” far more than anything at the mall. Re-use? You bet!

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  19. Jean D. Says:

    I tweeted you here!

  20. Janeen Says:

    Of course, the very best green tip of the season: DONT BUY A LIVE TREE!!! Get a faux one. They last for years, they’re always green, and their needles don’t fall off and make you vaccuum for weeks afterwards! Another tip: save the larger pieces of wrapping paper to re-use for gifts, and the smaller pieces to make hand-made holiday cards for next year. For that matter you can re-use the holiday cards that you get in the mail by either using just the front picture (glueing that part onto a blank card or cardstock) or by gluing a plain paper insert over the previous comment and writing a new note to your loved one. Oh I’ve got lots more where those came from!!!

  21. Janeen Says:

    I totally tweeted you! My user name is mommyimpact. Impacting the Earth little, my children much! Thanks for the AWESOME giveaway & much bloggy love from Your Impact Matters owner, Janeen.

  22. Miss Blondie Says:

    I always save and re-use my gift bags. Also, if you have unused wrapping paper, you can flip it over and wrap the presents with the white side up and the kids can decorate it. Makes it much more personal.

  23. Christie-A Work In Progress Says:

    I forgot to give my green tip of the season…LED Christmas lights…remember to turn the inside ones off at night. I also heard that you can get solar powered outdoor lights!

  24. deepikaur Says:

    Great giveaway! I love that the umbrella is made out of recycled products. The fleece blanket’s adorable!

    My green tip: Do your shopping online! Instead of driving to the stores, then spending hours on your feet, driving one store to another, and standing for much too long in the check out line, just browse products online. If you’d rather do the purchasing at the stores, at least browse what you may want to look at at the stores and make a list. Save time and save gas!


  25. deepikaur Says:

    I blogged about it at:

  26. deepikaur Says:


  27. jenna Says:

    My green tip for this season is to reuse newspapers as gift wrap. This way you can avoid buying wrapping paper and save a tree while at it. Thanks!

  28. Jennifer S. Says:

    My green tip for the season is to use reusable grocery bags as gift baskets - it will hold the gifts you’re giving and also be useful for grocery shopping in the future!

  29. Chris Says:

    My green tip would be to wrap all your gift in old magazines and newspaper. This is great that green is so “IN”. I love it.!

  30. Stacy Says:

    Trade in your old lights for LED.

  31. Linda (minnemom) Says:

    I always wrap baby gifts in a receiving blanket. No wrapping paper necessary, and it’s reusable! Likewise, I “wrap” other gifts with reusable shopping totes.

  32. Tara O Says:

    My green tip is to cut down your own tree from a sustainable farm. Most cities will then chip the tree at the end of the season so you can use it for mulch.

  33. SANDY Says:

    I agree with with the newer lights- it may seems expensive to replace but they last alot longer and use less energy. Instead of buying wrapping paper think about pillowcases in your house, or how about decorate paperbags, , use bags that you have stockpiled over the year (and great activity for bored kids- decorate bags with pictures and save them and use them for the holidays. If you use a real tree, recycle it.

  34. betty rood Says:

    cartoon papers are great for wrapping! Brown paper bags as well.Cut out peices of white milk jugs to make name tags .All kinds of great ideas already..merry christmas everyone and good luck!enter me please and thank you..


  35. CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) Says:

    I’m not using disposable wrapping paper or gift bags this year. My kids presents are tied in playsilks and “silk” scarves. I saw a Korean woman bring a dish to a potluck once all tied up in a silk scarf for easy carrying and I was inspired. I also buy different sizes of reusable shopping bags to use as gift bags. Some times I get a stroke of luck and pick up some for free, too. I hope one day some of these will come back to me with gifts inside! ;)

  36. CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) Says:

    I tweeted (@MomMostTraveled)

  37. Deidre Says:

    Use all of that used wrapping paper and bows for fun crafting projects.


  38. Karen Says:

    My green tip is to buy resale as much as possible. Not only does it keep things out of landfills it saves on packaging too!

  39. Samantha R Says:

    We re-use boxes from department stores over and over again. It has actually become a fun tradition as some of the stores have gone out of business…it is fun to see what box you will unwrap!

  40. Sally Says:

    We remake cards we receive - my daughter is a budding artist & does some amazing things with them!

  41. Amy B Says:

    We sometimes use newspapers to wrap presents up. My family buys them to read so we reuse them. Thanks for the chance.

  42. tuesday Says:

    I re-purpose my kids artwork as wrapping paper. My family loves it and the art goes to a good home, plus no waste!

  43. Peggy Gorman Says:

    I love using brown paper bags for the wrapping of gifts and then with the use of stamps and stenicls ,a little paint,markers or colored pencils and Magic. The presents look beautiful.
    Then I reuse ,place the used wrapping under the starter logs to get the wood stove started.
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway and Happy Holidays

  44. Maureen Says:

    my tip is to take the plastic bags that you get at the store and cut them into strips and if you know how to knit or crochet to make that into a waterproof bag for the summer when going to the beach.

  45. kristy Says:

    my green tip would be to wrap gifts in newspaper instead og regular wrapping paper!

  46. TASHA Says:


  47. Susan Heim Says:

    Some green tips:
    Keep your recyclable shopping bags in the car so you don’t forget them when you shop.
    Use an artificial tree instead of a live one.
    Don’t put bows on your gifts. It cuts down on waste.
    Place gifts in gift bags that you can re-use rather than paper that gets tossed.
    Instead of tissue paper, wrap fragile gifts in newspaper or magazine pages.

  48. Susan Heim Says:

    I tweeted about this giveaway!

  49. Zipporah Sandler Says:

    I save the incoming holiday cards & tear them in half, using the picture half as postcards during the next year. Saves paper & gives the recipients a good laugh when they get a Christmas postcard in August.

  50. Shari Says:

    We use a fake tree at Christmas time.
    We (along with most everyone) use gift bags and not boxes and/or wrapping paper. *I save the bags form the last year and recycle that way also.

    Thanks for the chance for this giveaway~

  51. Jenny Says:

    I like making personalized totes to use as gift bags. Like two gifts in one!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. Laura Says:

    I just read a great tip the other day, so I can’t take credit. But would love to pass it on… Use the front of last years christmas cards as your gift tags/labels. Cut off the back (which has the writing and usually someones signature on it), punch a hole in the front side of the card, and write your “To/From” on the back, blank side.

  53. oona b Says:

    I am sewing cloth napkins to give as gifts (it will help convert people to use cloth instead of paper napkins and it’s a fun, personalized present!)

    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  54. Leah Says:

    This year we bought recycled wrapping paper and plan on saving it and using it again next year!!

  55. Lori Z. Says:

    We wrapped all our Hanukkah presents in maps of Israel that we had lying around the house. Maps or other large paper goods you don’t use make great wrapping paper! They’re pretty colorful, durable to reuse, and educational! (By the way, the preserve line is awesome!)

  56. samantha jo campen Says:

    My green tip is if you have to use wrapping paper (and hopefully it will be recycled) only wrap the lid of the box. Saves 1/2 the paper! And I echo re-using holiday cards for gift tags or scrapbooking. Whee!

  57. Lisa Says:

    My green tip is to check out for your Christmas shopping. You get to support artists and handmade items are better for the environment. Lots of green gifts on there as well!

  58. Jingle Says:

    My green tip is to make your own envelopes for your holiday cards this year! I plan to use catalog pages for mine! Just purchase an envelope template and make the envies fun and interesting and save a tree! (Not to mention some cash because envelopes cost a fortune!)
    jinglesells at gmail dot com

  59. Dee Says:

    Green tip of the season: instead of a dusk-to-dawn outdoor timer for the lights, I go one that shuts off 6 hours after dusk (around midnight).

  60. Karen Says:

    Reuse giftwrap. Cut up old greeting cards to decorate plain giftwrap or make your own cards.

  61. Sara B. Says:

    Shop on Craigslist and thrift stores for vintage and nearly new gifts!

  62. Patti Says:

    We are wrapping presents in pillow cases and other new items that double as a gift and a bag! Perfect! We also got LED lights for the tree, but still only have them on for a limited time. We also are doing all of our baking in Off-Peak energy hours and are using real glasses and plates for our holiday parties!

  63. mindy Says:

    all i can say is recycle and re use everything thanks for the contest

  64. Jayme Says:

    my green tip of the season is to reuse holiday wrapping paper and gift bags and bows if you can. it is such a shame to see all that paper just being ripped and thrown into the landfills. try and recycle it!!

  65. victoria barton Says:

    for my green glow i knit my own hand towels and use them instead of paper towels. i give them to everyone also to help them be more green.

  66. Stacie Says:

    My green tip would be to recycle all the wrapping paper.

  67. linda Says:

    Green tip:

    recycle people, its easy….
    use those reusable grocery bags, sort your plastics, GO GREEN…

  68. Jomama on a Llama Says:

    LED lights, baby! Don’t buy stuff, make it, reuse, create, give the gift of time and mindful presence.

  69. Kimberly Says:

    Great Giveaway!

    We recycle and repurpose Christmas cards. My kids cut them up and turn them into ornaments, make new Christmas cards with them or we cut off the fronts and use them as Christmas postcards or recipe cards.

    Thanks for a great opportunity!

  70. Jennae @ Green Your Decor Says:

    One of the most wasteful aspects of the season is traditional gift wrap. Here are my greener alternatives:
    - Reusable shopping bags. Chico bags, RuMe, Envirosax and others have some really stylish options
    - For kitchen-related gifts, kitchen towels make great gift wrap
    - Scarves
    - Fabric (also available in fabric gift wrap kits)
    - Newspaper (recyclable)
    - Brown paper bags (recyclable)
    - Old maps (recyclable)
    - Beautiful display boxes (Goodwill is a great place to find these inexpensively)
    - Ditch the wrap altogether and conceal the gift by having a brief scavenger hunt

    Thanks for the chance to win an awesome prize package!

  71. Tableware, Umbrella, Tote Bag, Fleece blanket and a winter hat, glove and scarf set - all eco-friendly | Mom Giveaways Says:

    [...] 8, 2008 · Filed Under Clothing/Shoes, Home Decor, Uncategorized, giveaways  Where: Glow MamaWhat: Tableware, Umbrella, Tote Bag, Fleece blanket and a winter hat, glove and scarf set - all [...]

  72. Karen M Says:

    We all do a lot of grocery shopping for holiday parties. Make sure you bring your reusable or canvas bags with you when you shop. No more plactic bags from the grocers. Thanks for the giveaway.

  73. Cher Says:

    Wrap your best gifts in hugs:o) Tis the season to be loving! Fa la la la la la la la la.

  74. Gail Haltiwanger Says:

    Make it fun! This is one way we keep it green and economical.
    Every year my grown children and I have a contest, which of us can come up with the best totally recycled gift wrap. My oldest won last year. She wrapped our gifts in scraps of fabric from her other sewing projects and then…diabolically….sewed the packages shut!

  75. Dree Says:

    My green tip of the season is to not cut a tree instead plant one.

  76. Tracey Byram Says:

    My green tip is to recycle your Christmas tree. Lots of cities will pick up your Christmas tree to use as natural habitats for fish and other underwater life.

  77. Marci Says:

    Buy a live Christmas tree and plant it in your yard in the spring.

  78. Ginny Says:

    Look outside for decorations instead of buying them. Pinecones make beautiful christmas decorations along with tree branches, etc.

  79. Mary A Says:

    My green tip for the season is to compost your cooking scraps while preparing your holiday meals and when the season is over you can compost your tree as well. Thanks for the giveaway.

  80. brandy Says:

    my green tip is to sew gift bags in all sizes (up to super huge for big kid’s gifts) to use instead of wrapping paper!

  81. Nicole D Says:

    What an awesome giveaway- Thanks! My green tip is to use nature to decorate! Loving all the other ideas!

  82. Carol Says:

    My green tip: no more wrapping paper! Use holidays bags every year, over and over.

  83. LisaW Says:

    My tip: A couple of years ago I started sending email Christmas cards–complete with family photo–instead of paper cards. It saves on postage, waste, and energy!

  84. Sweetpeas Says:

    My green tip is to stop using wrapping paper, I have a stash of gift bags that I re-use, and if I don’t have the right size paper gift bag, I buy (or make) a cloth bag and encourage my friends and family to re-use them.

  85. Valerie Mitchell Says:

    reduce - make an effort to consume less

  86. Valerie Mitchell Says:

    twittered it

  87. sarah Says:

    use colorful pages from magazines to use as gift wrapping!

  88. angie Says:

    My green tip is to reuse everything! I reuse baggies, junk mail for cardmaking/scrapbooking, containers for altered gifts, and much more!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    Pricousins at aol dot com

  89. Beeb Ashcroft Says:

    Wow! What a prize pack, thank you for the chance!
    This year, I’m greening the holidays by using a live, potted Christmas tree!

  90. Beeb Ashcroft Says:

    I tweeted this here:

    My twitter username is hardertobreathe. Thank you!

  91. Beeb Ashcroft Says:

    I blogged about it on my contest site:

    Thanks again for the chance!

  92. Christa Killingsworth Says:

    I recycled old glass ornaments that had chips in the paint. I covered them with mod-podge and then dipped them in assorted glass beads. I also used an egg carton to hold the ornaments while they were drying.

  93. erin Says:

    This year we made paer ornaments from scrap paper. Besides using last year’s (or was it from the year before?lol) christmas bags, I’m also making new cloth bags that we can use from year to year and also use to organize and store Christmas decorations throughout the rest of the year.

  94. Alexandrea M Says:

    Instead of buying another tree (we have been buying potted trees and planting them in the yard but are out of room) we decided to just decorate the ones already planted instead of cutting one down to put in our house. The ornaments still get used but I don’t feel bad about tree farming.

  95. Emily N. Says:

    This year I wrapped all the stocking stuffers in pages from old magazines.

  96. Shay Says:

    I reuse gift bags to give presents. I even have some bags that are knitted to put in the stockings

  97. Jacqui Haddock Says:

    My Green tip - using newspaper can be a fun way to wrap presents. also let your kids decorate brown bags, it makes it so personable and fun for grandparents to receive kids in bags decorate by ones they love.

  98. Lo Says:

    buy LED lights instead of regular christmas lights! i’m also a fan of reusable gift wrap like homemade bags.

  99. Glow Mama Blog » Blog Archive » Recycled plastic bottles made into what?! Says:

    [...] that all our contest prizes this month are made from recycled drink bottles… we thought we’d feature some other [...]

  100. Bhavana Says:

    My green tip is to recycle all your gift bags from last year. If they aren’t in the best shape turn them into cards. Wrap gifts with newspapers, you can jazz them up with simple acrylic paint circles etc. They actually look fabulous! Brown paper grocery bags make great gift wrap too.

  101. betsy Says:

    i wrap presents in newspaper. a bit tacky but im saving the earth.

  102. Sarah Says:

    My green tip of the season is to buy less! We get a little caught up in “stuff” at this time of year, and if you’re committed to using less, the holidays are a great time to follow through with that.

    I also look for toys with less packaging. Sometimes a company’s products will win my heart just by doing their part and reducing the waste around their goods.

  103. Jessica P Says:

    We are not buying any new wrapping paper. Once our old paper is used up we will be wrapping gifts in newspaper or with other recycled materials.

  104. erica s Says:

    i make gift bags to put all the gifts in. they are pretty and reusable!

  105. Glow Mama Blog » Blog Archive » Kiwi Klips Says:

    [...] in time for our ‘Tis the Season to be GREEN contest (there’s still time to enter!), the MuseGreen Team received samples of Glow Mama to [...]

  106. Jessica Says:

    Either reuse junk mail to make gift bags or wrap, or wrap gifts in furoshiki so that it’s reusable!

  107. Hayley G. Says:

    My Green tip is to use cloth napkins- they save paper and don’t add much to a load of laundry!

  108. Heather C Says:

    Make sure you put all your lights on timers. That way, if you are indulging too much on the egg nog and forget to turn them off one night…well, let’s just say, money and energy saved.

  109. Heather C Says:

    Tweeted! choochoo428

  110. Heidi Says:

    My green tip of the season is to make your own gift bows out of recycled junk mail and magazines. There is a wonderful tutorial by Miss American Pie on Craftster

  111. 3boyzmom Says:

    My green tip is to buy all LED christmas lights to conserve energy!!! And don’t forget to recycle this holiday season!!

  112. Colette S Says:

    We just bought our home and we are changing to energy saving lightbulbs. We also have a faux Christmas tree and use/buy only LED lights.

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