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Green and Clean

December 5th, 2008 by amy
"Keep clean, keep green" "More clean, more green"

"Keep clean, keep green" "More clean, more green"

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Using eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning solutions in the home is a priority for many these days, and probably even more so for parents of teething toddlers who put absolutely everything in their mouths (can you tell I’m speaking from first-hand experience here?).  While a little dirt never hurt, some of the cleaners you have in that cupboard might!  Some of the cleaning products we use every day contain many more toxins than the dirt.

A round-up of our favorites for cleaning your home:

Method Home - Great price point and widely accessible at big box stores such as Target and Costco (buy in bulk and get double green points!).  They are also local to the Bay Area and we hear they are a great company to work for. Just getting started?  Watch their top ten ways to detox.

Seventh Generation - The savings ticker calculates trees and gallons of petroleum saved based on your purchases, every little bit does make a difference! Check out the 20/20 by 2010 initiative to reduce carbon output and increase renewables.

Too busy to think about all this, forget the actual hours of cleaning?  We hear you! There’s also a whole industry that will come in and clean top to bottom for you using natural products.  Try a search for ‘natural home cleaning’ in your area and leave the toxins at the door.

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