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Glow Mama gets a healthy start to its day

December 11th, 2008 by lucy

I read somewhere recently that getting people to switch breakfast habits is near impossible - especially for something healthier and more expensive.  Well if anyone can do it, I’m putting my money on [me]&goji.   The guys behind this great new venture recently sent us some [glow]&goji (cool huh!?) and here are our top three reasons why we think they’re great…

1) The website - it looks great and is fun to use.  Just like customizing your own character on a wii, you customize your cereal bases, fruit, nuts and seeds until you have your ideal mix.  It instantly updates the nutritional facts and price each time you add something.  You even get to name it!

2) The cereal is yummy, healthy and looks good- anything that can get our fussy toddler eating (not only eating but running to the cupboard and whining until he gets it) is a winner.  We loved the macadamia nuts and choco goji!  PS> The cereal was not a powdery mess from the shipping/travel to reach us, as we’d expected. 

3) You can buy a $1 Green Tag at checkout that makes your purchase carbon neutral.  cool huh!

What mama doesn’t need a good healthy start to her day?  A bowl of [me]&goji and a bottle of Glow Mama anyone?