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The real moms of Glow Mamaville

September 9th, 2008 by lucy
Glimpses into the real mom lives of the Glow Mamas

Am I one of those moms?

It wasn’t until yesterday when a brand new mom (with big black circles under her eyes) asked me desperately “At how many weeks did your little boy start sleeping through the night?” and I replied “Oh, I can’t remember, but don’t worry, it’ll happen”… that it really struck me that I might have turned into one of those experienced, cynical moms.  I didn’t mean to be flippant, its just that I genuinely can’t remember… I’ve had rolling over, sitting up, crawling, teething, walking and talking milestones since then and it all now seems a big blur… a big sleep-deprived blur. 
But when I was in her shoes I remember thinking how condescending the wiser moms seemed… how could they not know every single little detail of their precious one’s life?  How can there be anything more important that how long the feedings and naps are, how big their feet are, when its a smile an when it’s just wind and how many sneezes constitutes a cold?  What a difference 18 months makes huh?  I wonder if it’s too late to start a baby book now before he heads of to college??