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Their saving the strong stuff for us preggos

May 13th, 2009 by Glow Mama

While its still not clear that pregnant women are more likely to catch the swine flu than non pregnant people, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has today issued a formal recommendation that pregnant women receive the medication Tamiflu - effective if received within the first 48 hours of symptoms.  Click here for more on the symptoms, the stats and the scary story of the pregnant women who died (baby was delivered by C-section).

A new team member…

February 24th, 2009 by lucy

It’s with great pleasure that I’d like to introduce everyone to our newest team member here at Glow Mama.  They will not be blogging, packing orders or paying the bills… but they are the #1Glow Mama official taste tester at the moment….

Please join me in welcoming “Glow Bump” to the team! 

Now that Glow Bump’s mummy is able to keep her head up and food down, can no longer fit pre-preggie clothes, and eats copius amounts of icecream in the middle of winter… it’s official!

Stay tuned for updates, articles, pics and stories. 



Can morning sickness predict the gender?

August 21st, 2008 by Glow Mama

According to this New York Times article this morning… recent studies showed that women who were hospitalized with their morning sickness in their first trimester (ie have hyperemesis gravidarum) were 80% more likely to have a baby girl!    Are the little girls getting a head start on their parent-torturing duties?