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Glow’s Maternity Wellness Causes

November 25th, 2008 by lucy

In less than a week we’re going to close the polls and finalize our choice for which maternity wellness cause to support for the following year… and it occurred to me yesterday as I was helping hand out Thanksgiving dinner food bags at the Homeless Prenatal Program in San Francisco (yes each of the 300+ bags included a bottle of Glow Mama)… that we were being biased.  What about the other two fantastic organizations?

The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services is a fantastic joint effort of more than 26 organizational members, from Lamaze to Birthing From Within, who band together to promote a wellness model of maternity care.  Through evidence-based alternatives they focus on mother/baby/family friendly wellness to avoid the high-cost screening, diagnosis and treatment programs.  There are many ways to both give to them (donating, becoming an advocate, etc) and benefit from them (ie downloading their “ten questions to ask before having a baby” pdf).

Family Care International has spent the last 20 years making pregnancy and childbirth safer around the world.  They work in countries like Bolivia, Kenya and Niger to ensure the women there have access to quality maternal and newborn health care, as well as helping women and girls prevent and manage unintended pregnancies.   Donating just $60 will buy equipment for two clinics in Africa to screen pregnant women for high blood pressure.

So please cast your vote (in the grey box in our sidebar) and help us decide this Thanksgiving.  Need inspiration?  Below are the poll results so far.   Need more inspriation still?  As our way of saying thanks for helping us give, if you leave a comment on our November Thanks Giving-Away post telling us you voted, we’ll enter you in to win the big pile of goodies.  And if you blab about our thanksgiving efforts to others (blog, twitter, twittermoms, facebook), we’ll enter you again and again.  

Do the charities have to miss out this Thanksgiving?

November 18th, 2008 by Glow Mama

Just because the purse is empty and the budget is super tight this holiday season it does not mean we have an excuse to stop giving.  Glow Mama went in search of things we could give that did not involve our moola/cash/dough/money.

Time - yes that’s an easy one.  Volunteering at the local Feeding America Foodbank to hand out Thanksgiving dinners, or at the Habitat for Humanity group near you won’t cost a thing (except maybe blisters and sore feet).  Both sites have a locator on their website so you can enter you zip code and start giving.

Gently used items - Didn’t you want to clean out the wardrobe to start the new year afresh anyway?  Now’s a good time to donate your pre-loved clothes to Goodwill (you can arrange a pickup if you’d like to save on gas too) or a local woman’s shelter like the Bay Area Crisis Nursery, your un-used cellphones to the Washington Area Womens Foundation (who will send you a postage paid envelope) and even your old glasses to New Eyes for the Needy.

Your breastmilk - Not suitable for everyone, but for those of us with unused pumped milk in the freezer, don’t throw it out when you need room for the turkey leftovers… give it to either the Breast Milk Project for the babies in Africa, or Mother’s Milk Bank for needy babies closer to home. 

Any other suggestions for dollar-free giving? 

Have you entered our Thanks Giving Away?