Caffeine and Conception

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coffee.jpgFinally, some real answers... They have just released the results of a new medical study (done with the help of 1,000 San Fran /Bay Area pregnant women) that came up with some scary findings.  They concluded that consuming more than 200mg of caffeine a day can doublethe risk of miscarriage!    

But how much is 200mg of caffeine?   Well, here's the caffeine levels in some common drinks (and other things we consume)...       

  • Starbucks "tall" coffee                                     240mg
  • 2 Excedrin extra strength tablets                     130mg
  • Can of Redbull                                                  76mg
  • 8oz cup of black tea                                         47mg
  • Can of Diet Coke                                               47mg
  • Hersey's chocolate bar (1.5oz)                         9mg
  • 12oz bottle of Glow Mama                                0mg

The short lived fix/buzz definitely doesn't seem worth the risk to me.   That's why Glow Mama has 0mg of caffeine per bottle. 

Any good tips for those looking to quit the caffeine?

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written by Rhoanna Stanhope, January 29, 2008
I remember that my baby jumped around in my stomach so much after a coffee when I was pregnant - even a hot chocolate made her do a somersalt!!!
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