Glass Baby Bottles - A Safer Choice?

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Glass and babies.  Doesn't sound like a safe combination to me.  But glass baby bottles have been making quite the comeback lately. 

babybottledad.jpgThat's because there's been a lot of bad press about plastic baby bottles.  Many of them are made from polycarbonate plastic (the clear, hard type as opposed to the cloudy, more pliable type) which contains a chemical called Bisphenol A, commonly known as BPA.

Numerous studies, including a 2007 study of baby bottles by Environment California have shown that BPA can leach out of bottles and into whatever liquid they contain.  The problem is magnified when liquid is heated in the bottle - a pretty common occurrence with baby bottles, I'd say.  The big concern is that very low doses of BPA can lead to some pretty big health problems like breast cancer, diabetes, early puberty and infertility. 

There are so many people clamoring for glass baby bottles that I've heard they can be hard to find.  But it looks like they are available on Amazon if you can't find them locally.  Evenflo, Dr. Browns and BornFree are some of the brands available.

But still, glass and babies???  Their sudden movements could potentially send a bottle flying...and shattering.  And toddlers?  You never know what they might do!  Fortunately, for every problem, there is a creative solution.  Here are a few:

  • etsybottlecosy.jpgSiliskins - A silicone sleeve or 'skin' that slides easily over a glass bottle. They come in pretty colors but are translucent so you can still read the measurements on the bottle.
  • Wee go - Another protective, silicone sleeve that's easy for baby to grip.
  • A handmade bottle cosy - this one's made from recycled cotton sweaters and old buttons, I found it on Etsy!

If glass still doesn't work for you - don't worry - BPA-free plastic bottles are also available.  BornFree and Green to Grow are a couple brands that come to mind.·digg this·spurl·reddit·furl this

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