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Do you need a little more energy in your life?
Let's Go Strolling Review
Need a little more  energy in your life?

I have to admit that I am a really picky drinker.  I don?t like sugary or too sweet drinks, I don?t like carbonated beverages, and I don?t like coffee or coffee flavors (I know I?m weird. . .).  So when I heard about a new drink for pregnant and new Moms, I was positive I wouldn?t like it.  However, in the spirit of growth & finding great new products for our blog readers, I tested the new Kiwi flavored Glow-Mama drink.

I loved it!  Not only did it not taste too sweet and not have fizz, but the taste was actually really light and refreshing.  I would have never imagined a Kiwi drink would taste good, not bitter, but the folks at Glow-Mama clearly know how to make a mix a yummy Kiwi drink.  Now you can drink your way to pre- and post-natal nutrition with the healthy vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients found in Kiwis ...

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Design Mom Review
Design Mom Review
100 Percent

During the worst of the sickness, I comforted myself with sips of Glow Mama. Lucy Leahy developed a drink just for expectant/nursing Mamas (I'm not currently either, but anyway...) when she found herself a bit discouraged at her limited beverage options while she was pregnant. She sent me a couple of samples of her kiwi juice concoction and I found them light, not too sweet, subtle,and pretty darn lovely. Very gentle on my upset stomach.

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