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Glow Mama 6 Pack

Price per Unit (piece): $11.95

Six bottles of refreshing Glow Mama, brimming with kiwi juice, vitamins, nutrients and fiber.



Customer Reviews:

Beth Tait  (Wednesday, 06 February 2008)
Rating: 5
Very refreshing and kind of addictive. I keep going back for more. I love the subtle flavor. And it isn't too sweet which is nice.

CAmom  (Saturday, 02 February 2008)
Rating: 4
Very crisp and refreshing. I like the fact that it isn't too sweet. My toddler son loves Glow Mama juice as well...he's a Glow Boy :)

Bludaffodils  (Tuesday, 29 January 2008)
Rating: 5
I just had a mug of hot Glow Mama in place of my morning coffee and it's delicious. Certainly makes the giving up caffeine more bearable.