Why Exercise bike is the best think you can do for yourself!

If you care about your health, what you are about to read will ring a bell. You know how much it is important to not only exercise but that you have to keep up with a routine. This can be very boring if the exercise is dull and doesn’t invigorate you. I owe a forever chiseled body to years spent in my youth on the bicycle almost every day. If you have been on one or seen how incredibly fit people who ride them are- you know the health benefits a bike has

Why are Exercise Bike so healthy?

A bike has many amazing health benefits.

To get the same cardiovascular benefits that you would get from a real bicycle, the stationary exercise bike was built for you to exercise in a fun yet still rewarding way. You don’t have to worry about motorists and the constant hassle with patch and solution to replace the tube on your tires

The machines make for excellent home gym equipment, allowing for you to enjoy the great exercise benefits at your own convenience. Benefiting immensely from the comfort of your garage, gym room or anywhere you chose to place the item

The machines mostly focus on making your lower body fit, but the capability extends to your core to add more health benefits to your cardiovascular system. It’s important to find the right unit to offer you the greatest results

Ultimate Buying Guide For Types of Exercise Bicycles

Type of Exercise Bike

The types of bikes that are available range from spin bikes, air bikes, upright bikes and many more, but they all fall into two categories. The cross trainer(elliptical bike) and stationary bike use the components of the machine to afford you the luxury of great health. You can use both to impact your endurance. and the health of your heart by working out the muscle in your cardiovascular system

*The cross-trainer is the bike that demands more effort during exercise. It is more useful for weight loss, endurance training and toning of your muscles. The movement of the machine engages the whole movement of your body- targeting your body in the following parts

*Lower Body Region- glutes, quads, and joints

* Upper Body- The core, your abs, the cardiovascular system and spinal column

*The Stationary bike is less strenuous and has the same benefits of health as the cross-trainer. The difference is in the capability to be less demanding on muscles and joints- allowing it for everybody to use it to tone their bodies and rehabilitate their bodies after physical activities or recovering from injury


This will play a large role in keeping you from falling over. Make sure to check with your supplier to ensure maximum capability. The Upright Bike is excellent for this

The Seat

The seat needs to be comfortable and have adjustable knobs to support the seat positioning. This comfort is the one that will keep you on the bike for a long period of time without any discomfort. The seat can be adjusted on all types of bicycles

The Pedals On the Bike

You need to have a pedal that is supportive of your foot size. This will make you pedal better, making it easy to fall into a rhythm more easily and exercise longer

The Bicycles Handlebars

Handlebars with thick cushioning are the best to support your hands. Gripping on bar handles in both the types of the bicycle will increase the intensity needed to tone your biceps


The meter has advanced, with newer models having a built-in computer. These are very effective in tracking your results- by monitoring all the data, like your heart rate, exercising tempo and all the statistics of your exercise

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