Glow Mama - New Mother Drink - Healthy Alternative While You Are Expecting and Nursing


Glow Beverages works hard to produce natural and enjoyable products for women around the world. Don't we all deserve healthy hydration?

Here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Why should I drink Glow Mama?
Glow Mama has many of the important vitamins, minerals and fiber you need during this special time, whether you?re pregnant, nursing or just trying to stay energized in your months as a new mother. It?s a pleasurable way to stay hydrated ? an all-natural alternative to water.

How much juice does Glow Mama have?
Low-calorie Glow Mama is made from 15% juice, specifically kiwifruit juice concentrate, white grape juice concentrate and cane juice concentrate.

Does Glow Mama replace my recommended pre-natal vitamin and/or a healthy diet?

No, Glow Mama was not designed to replace your pre-natal, a healthy diet and exercise plan, or a doctor?s recommendations. Please seek your physician?s advice should you be at all nervous about Glow Mama?s impact on your and/or your baby?s health.

Where do the kiwifruits come from?
The kiwi juice concentrate in Glow Mama is imported all the way from New Zealand.

Why is Glow Mama not bright green, like kiwis?
Because we don?t add preservatives to Glow Mama, we heat the beverage to 200 F before bottling it. This alters the natural green chloroform in the kiwi juice, changing it to the color you see in the bottle.

Where does the water come from?
We use water from the Pajaro Valley aquifiers in the beautiful Santa Cruz region of California.

Does Glow Mama need refrigeration?
The beverage doesn?t require refrigeration to stay fresh, although it tastes best when chilled.

Does Glow Mama need to be shaken before drinking?
No, we formulated Glow Mama to be clear and pure, without sediment or floaties.

Why is Glow Mama not sparkling?

We figured we all have enough issues with gas when we?re pregnant. Who needs more?

Why is Glow Mama in plastic bottles?
We chose these PET bottles because they are easier for you to throw in your diaper bag or stroller without worrying. They also make shipping cheaper for you too. Please see our thoughts on reusing and recycling your Glow Mama bottles.

Is Glow Mama organic?
No, not this time around ? it was just too cost prohibitive.

Was Glow Mama tested on animals?
No, but Boo-Boo does love to drink it any chance he gets.

More Questions?
Please feel free to contact us with any thoughts, comments, or queries