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kiwi-fruit-isolated.jpg One tiny kiwi packs twice the vitamin C of an orange, twice the vitamin E of an avocado and 20% more potassium than a banana.

It has more fiber than a serving of bran flakes and is a good source of calcium, iron and folic acid.

In fact, in a recent study by Dr Lachance of Rutgers University, kiwis were actually given the grand title of ?the most nutrient dense fruit in the world? 


kiwi-bird-isolated.jpgThe original kiwis are the small, flightless birds native to New Zealand. They are blind and nocturnal, which eat worms and grubs with their long thin beaks.

Because kiwis are only found in the wild in New Zealand ,they have become the national symbol for that country.

The fruit was named after this endangered bird because they are small, round and fuzzy.


mauri-people.jpg You?ll hear people from New Zealand refer to themselves as Kiwis? not because they are small, round and fuzzy, but because they are unique, refreshing and good for you!  




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