Glow Mama - New Mother Drink - Healthy Alternative While You Are Expecting and Nursing


While pregnant, Amy and DH decided to hold out and wait to be surprised by the sex of their baby until he or she arrived.  Besides receiving enough yellow and green items to cover a cornfield, what they thought would be one of life's last great surprises ended up being only the first of everday life since baby boy Leo arrived almost a year ago.  Now every day is an adventure with a steep learning curve... and we thought the business world was tough. 

When not blogging herself or helping Glow grow, Amy enjoys running (yes, really), cooking, reading - when she can stay awake - and spending time with her little family of three.  Blogging with Glow allows Amy to bring many of her interests together - healthful living, mompreneurship, eco-consciousness and social responsibility.  

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