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art mama

artful mama
artful mama
Julie had almost 40 year's worth of free time to enjoy the arts before having her baby girl with her soulmate in October 2007. Professionally she came from the children's book industry in marketing, and prior to that, the natural foods industry (beverages), so not only does she have an envious children?s book collection, she appreciates good, nutritious beverages and foods.

A poet and art lover in her wonderful Northern California small-town bedroom community, she is passionate about continuing her stream-of-art-ishness even after having her baby. There is a wonderful world of arts to explore, perhaps even more so now with our own little works of art! 

Julie feels that the opportunity to be a Glow Mama is such an outstanding avenue for her to connect to her new world of mama-hood and share her art endeavors with her mom community. Her goal is to explore and bring a heartful of artful information to you via information about books, music, art, leisure, and everything in-between. Here?s to enjoying life with our families!

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