How to treat external hemorrhoids ?

External hemorrhoids is actually very acute inflammation of internal hemorrhoids that causes the spread and expansion of veins to exit out of the anus. External hemorrhoids cause a lot of pain on defecation, or even sitting in a chair and multiple hemorrhages, it is not a condition in which the body heal yourself and easy to use medical consultation to bring in external hemorrhoids and mastitis.

The appearance of external hemorrhoids symptoms are itching or burning sensation in the anus, pain during defecation, accompanied by secretion lining the blood during bowel movements and rectal palpation swelling.

External hemorrhoids usually caused by a combination of the following factors:

Excess weight applies pressure on hemorrhoids, pregnant or postpartum which put pressure on hemorrhoids, constipation, prolonged or persistent diarrhea and certain genetic structures.

You can take care of a large part of the problems of external hemorrhoids by adequate exercise, balanced nutrition, hygiene locally near the anus (rectum after washing each port), use a sitz bath or candles and ointments to cure hemorrhoids. It is highly recommended to avoid constipation by using emollient laxatives, pears, carrots and corn are examples of natural stool softener at hand. Creams will help not only the healing of external hemorrhoids but also will create a layer of shielding the hemorrhoid allowing easy exits.

External hemorrhoids treatment

Proctologist often recommend external hemorrhoids treatment for mild early stages especially if this is not the case with a grave bleeding, external hemorrhoids treatment using salt baths together with an appropriate diet will serve for external hemorrhoids treatment provides. If the patient fails to maintain a situation in which all its ports will be completely soft for several weeks in a row there is a high chance that his hemorrhoids heal on their own and will not need surgical treatment of external hemorrhoids.

However if it comes to hemorrhoids forth level which inflammation varicose most severe and accompanied by the hemorrhoids also bleed regular is recommended to take drastic measures more for this type of external hemorrhoids appropriate treatment will be surgery ligation of hemorrhoids, by inserting a thin rubber band and cover the membrane that surrounds the hemorrhoid explain the area and within a few days hemorrhoid dies and falls off on its own.

Recently recommended by the experts of external hemorrhoids treatment using creams that nurses inflammation Alma, the effectiveness of these creams is great but they do not address the issue on a regular basis and there is a high chance that later in life the hemorrhoids back problems interfere with the patient. Highly recommended to go to a specialist in order to receive appropriate treatment, many times people confuse external hemorrhoids and other effects such as fissures her symptoms very similar to those of hemorrhoids but the handling is completely different.

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