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Hello from Mindful Momma! by mindfulmomma
Hi! My name is Micaela. I'm a Mom of two boys and I'm really excited to be blogging for Glow Mama!

Like many of you, I'm trying hard to be ?green' and to create a healthy life for my family - and I write about my adventures on my blog, Mindful Momma. My posts cover all sorts of topics that are of interestto families who want to dip their toes into this concept of sustainable living. You will also find picks and pans of eco-friendly products and lots of valuable resources if you want to dig deeper into something that interests you!

Here at Glow Mama, I'll be writing about the kinds of things that new Moms might be interested in. Like the diaper dilemma (cloth, disposable or in-between?), organic baby food (WOW - there are a lot of options these days!) or how to navigate the crazy maze of toy recalls.

Oh, how I wish Glow Mama was around when I was pregnant! I can totally relate to the desire for a ?special' drink - water gets SO boring!

Thanks for reading - I hope you enjoy the posts!

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