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Some Like it Mashed, Some Like it Strained... by mindfulmomma
Baby food time is short but oh so sweet! It's been awhile since my kids were at that stage but I remember it well. Starting with that first spoonful of watery rice cereal and movin' on to pureed, strained and mashed everything!

Baby's first meals are a good time to start thinking about going organic. Not to sound alarmist, but exposure to pesticides and other industrial chemicals hasbeen linked to cancer, birth defects, and lots of other nasty stuff. And kids are at greater risk than adults because they eat more relative to their body weight. Organic farmers skip the pesticides and synthetic fertilizers and as a result their food is not only safer but higher in nutrition than conventionally grown crops. All the better for our little ones!

I almost want to have another kid just to try some of these tasty organic options...

Happy Baby's cute little bite-sized cubes come frozen, which preserves nutrients better than the heat-processing that jarred baby food endures. And they don't make run-of-the-mill flavors either. Check out the Baby Dahl, made with lentils, cinnamon and coriander. Even the peas are flavored...with mint!

Tastybaby is another line of frozen baby food, developed by 2 Moms who believe in the power of organics. And they appear to have quite a celebrity following too! Their slightly wacky flavors include Peas on Earth, Sweetie Pie and Kickin' Chicken.

Keep your eyes out for Plum Organics too. Another flash-frozen line hawking vegetable stew, rice pudding and even a black bean tomato ragout for babies!

homemadebaby.jpgHomemade Baby is a line of fresh, organic baby food available in the refrigerated section. It's organic, it's kosher, it's non-GMO and it comes in 3 textures: so smooth, good mushy and kinda chunky, to match your baby's developmental stages.

Earth's Best is another popular organic brand, available at most co-ops and a lot of mainstream groceries too. How can you resist with product names like Butternut Squash Bisque and Peach Apricot Muesli? I just might try some for lunch!

Of course, you can make your own too. It's really easy and very rewarding. Winter squash and sweet potatoes were my homemade faves. Wholesome Baby Food is a useful site with recipes and how-to's.

I just have to share this goofy photo of my son Liam which captures the joys of mashed sweet potatoes!


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