lucy-liam.jpg Name: Lucy Leahy, Founder & CEO
Liam, Born December '06

Lucy founded Glow Beverages in 2007 as her two great passions in life collided ? drinks and motherhood.  Lucy grew up on a small kiwifruit orchard in the north of New Zealand and moved to the US to continue working in the food and beverage industry.  She has spent the last seven years developing and launching beverage brands for both large multi-nationals and small startups.  Lucy earned her MBA from Harvard Business School and holds two Engineering degrees from Canterbury University in New Zealand.  Lucy lives with her husband and son in Oakland, Northern California. 

Best pregnancy/new motherhood insider tip:
It?s such a cliché but I wish I had spent my pregnancy at the movies, travelling, and out painting the town red ? now it seems like years since I did any of those things. 

Funniest pregnancy comment received:
From my niece in New Zealand: ?Will the baby come out with an American accent ? how will I understand him??
 renata.jpg Name: Renata Ibarra, recipe developer
Children: twins due in Dec 2008

Renata has been developing food and beverage products for 10 years and is currently the Senior Food Technologist at Agilex Flavors and Fragrances Inc. She was excited to get the Glow Mama project as she was around 7 months pregnant with twins at the time. ?I really tried to make Glow Mama refreshing, light and not too sweet ? it wasn?t an easy job with all those vitamins, minerals and fiber in there too. I?m very pleased with how it turned out.?

Best Pregnancy/New Motherhood Insider Tip: Eat as healthy as you can, you can decide what you eat but they can?t, so eat food that you enjoy and has benefits for your inside growing family.

Funniest pregnancy comment received: From my niece: Are you going to have two babies and two bellies?