Glow Mama - New Mother Drink - Healthy Alternative While You Are Expecting and Nursing


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Need a little more  energy in your life?

I have to admit that I am a really picky drinker.  I don?t like sugary or too sweet drinks, I don?t like carbonated beverages, and I don?t like coffee or coffee flavors (I know I?m weird. . .).  So when I heard about a new drink for pregnant and new Moms, I was positive I wouldn?t like it.  However, in the spirit of growth & finding great new products for our blog readers, I tested the new Kiwi flavored Glow-Mama drink.

I loved it!  Not only did it not taste too sweet and not have fizz, but the taste was actually really light and refreshing.  I would have never imagined a Kiwi drink would taste good, not bitter, but the folks at Glow-Mama clearly know how to make a mix a yummy Kiwi drink.  Now you can drink your way to pre- and post-natal nutrition with the healthy vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients found in Kiwis ...

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Design Mom Review - 100%

During the worst of the sickness, I comforted myself with sips of Glow Mama. Lucy Leahy developed a drink just for expectant/nursing Mamas (I'm not currently either, but anyway...) when she found herself a bit discouraged at her limited beverage options while she was pregnant. She sent me a couple of samples of her kiwi juice concoction and I found them light, not too sweet, subtle,and pretty darn lovely. Very gentle on my upset stomach.

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Mom2Mom Lounge Interviews Glow Mama Founder

mom2mom_lounge.jpg Now moms and moms-to-be have their own drink to, specially formulated to taste great, be healthily packed with nutrients, and it?s a low cal punch at only 70 calories. This week we talked to Lucy Leahy, founder of Glow Mama, a natural juice beverage with the invigorating taste of kiwi fruit.

What is a ?Day in the Life? of Lucy like now that this business is taking off and you have a little one growing alongside your business?

lucy-liam.jpg No two days look remotely alike, which is part of the fun of it I guess. Some days I?m busy talking to web designers and ingredient suppliers and working on the marketing campaign from my spare bedroom (during nap time or while my husband looks after our little boy). Other days I?m out talking to retailers with my little guy in tow - luckily the natural products and motherhood industries are baby friendly so they don?t mind him running around. All in all I couldn?t survive without my planner, many lists and supportive husband. On the tough juggling days, and there are many, I just have to remember that I love being able to work at my momtrepreneurial passion and see my son so much.

What kind of things are you doing to market your new product in these early stages of the launch?

Like most moms I buy my brands and products based on recommendations, so we?re now trying to get Glow Mama in the hands and mouths of as many moms and moms-to-be as possible. So far everyone who tries it loves it and can?t wait to tell friends. All of our live events, promotions and tastings have been in the San Francisco/Bay Area so far, but we do offer free shipping across the country on our website so everyone can try some at home. We?re always running Glow Mama giveaways on ours and partner websites too so look out for those.

How have you enjoyed this journey of taking a product from conception to delivery?

glow-product-shot.jpgYes it really has been like having another baby - everything from the naming and sleepless nights to the teething troubles and first steps. Seriously though, it has been fantastic to see Glow Mama develop from just a dream to a product on the shelves that people are enjoying. The best part is hearing other moms and moms-to-be ?get? and love the idea, the branding, the website and the taste of Glow Mama ? whether they?re pregnant, a new mom, or an old hand at the job. Their comments, emails and praise make the journey so rewarding. Despite its corniness we really would like to see more mothers live like our tagline? glowing with natural refreshing confidence.

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Glow. It's not just for J.Lo anymore

blogher.jpg Are you a woman looking for glowier skin and a healthier bod? Look no further than this drink created by a woman for women: Glow Mama. Glow Mama is a natural juice beverage made especially for you. With the crisp invigorating taste of kiwi (one of earth's most nutrient-rich fruits), Glow Mama keeps you happy, healthy, and hydrated so you can nourish your inner glow. And, it's just 70 calories.