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What Makes You Glow?

glowingbody.jpg We’ve just been sitting here brainstorming about our favorite things that make us smile and glow, so we thought we’d open the question up to everyone….

What makes you shine? What gives you your inner glow?

We’ll keep adding to our list, but so far we have:


  • A sleeping baby (especially our own)
  • Random but sincere compliments
  • Great facials
  • Bakesale Betty’s banana bread
  • The knowledge that you married the right person

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Free Stuff: Glow. It’s not just for J.Lo anymore.
Are you a woman looking for glowier skin and a healthier bod? Look no further than this drink created by a woman for women: Glow Mama. Glow Mama is a natural juice beverage made especially for you. With the crisp invigorating taste of kiwi (one of earth’s most nutrient-rich fruits), Glow Mama keeps you happy, healthy, and hydrated so you can nourish your inner glow. And, it’s just 70 calories. The woman behind Glow Mama has generously offered to ship a case of Glow Mama to one lucky BlogHer! For a chance to win simply send an email to freestuffandfabdeals (at) with the word "GLOW" in the subject line. Please make sure it’s a working email so we can contact you if you’ve won. Winners are chosen at random. Good luck!

Caffeine and Conception

some real answers… They have just released the results of a new
medical study (done with the help of 1,000 San Fran /Bay Area pregnant
women) that came up with some scary findings.  They concluded that consuming more than 200mg of caffeine a day can doublethe risk of miscarriage!    

But how much is 200mg of caffeine?   Well, here’s the caffeine levels in some common drinks (and other things we consume)…       

  • Starbucks "tall" coffee                                     240mg
  • 2 Excedrin extra strength tablets                     130mg
  • Can of Redbull                                                  76mg
  • 8oz cup of black tea                                         47mg
  • Can of Diet Coke                                               47mg
  • Hersey’s chocolate bar (1.5oz)                         9mg
  • 12oz bottle of Glow Mama                                0mg

The short lived fix/buzz definitely doesn’t seem worth the risk to me.   That’s why Glow Mama has 0mg of caffeine per bottle. 

Any good tips for those looking to quit the caffeine?

Link to the Jan 21st NPR article.

Reusing our Glow Mama bottles

Lets start at the simple end of the creativity scale - around the house.  Here is a picture of my little guy with his new bath accessory.  I’m sure he’s not going to be I’ve been thinking a lot about getting Glow greener, and short of
offering everyone a chance to buy carbon offsets with their purchase
(I’ll look into it), I’d like to spark some discussion on re-using our
empty Glow Mama bottles.  liaminbath.jpghappy when he discovers that his mommy plastered naked photos of him all over the internet - all for a good cause buddy! 

bowling.gifIf you’re like me and you find that your flashy, colorful, expensive toys always seem to get abandoned for the phone, keys and remote control, then why not try imaginative new Glow Mama toys… rattles, instruments, even bowling!   The My Education Junction blog has some cool suggestions for bigger kids. 

Back in adult for a minute, there are the desk accessories, garden and garage storage suggestions and even plenty of ideas for the fridge/freezer.  Why not fill empty bottles with the salad dressings or sauces you make from scratch or buy in bulk?  Just be sure to rinse it well first, unless of course you are looking for a bit of kiwi flavoring.  Freeze some water in an empty bottle (don’t fill it to the top) and use it in your cooler or lunch bag instead of a chill-pak.  Ok, that one might not be that appropriate for another couple of months. 

Rachel from MN wrote to me with a great suggestion… "After I’ve finished drinking it, my husband rubs my Glow Mama bottle up and down my aching back and legs.  There’s something about me being 8 ½ months pregnant that has turned my husband into a sweet heart." 

Then there are the extreme measures for reusing your PET drink bottles.  Check out these two boats made from old water bottles.  Anyone up for a Glow Mama canoe?







Tips for Starting a New Mommies Group

People have been asking why Glow Mama focuses a lot on new moms groups, and it’s really because they mean so much to me.  They really saved my sanity during my first year of motherhood.  People have also asked for my tips and thoughts, so here goes…   

      1.       Invite babies of a similar age to your own. 


This is really more for your sanity than any developmental reason.  Firstly, having a toddler rip every precious ornament off your shelves while your baby is still lying on a blanket is both distracting and a scary reminder of your upcoming baby proofing work.  Secondly, you need sympathetic ears right now.  We all get a bit wiser and calmer as our babies grow into toddlers, so trying to discuss the scary intricacies of first food with a mom of a three year old won’t be that satisfying. 

2.       Invite mommies you like. 

This might sound fairly obvious, but why not grab the last few months of you before life turns into being all about your lovely offspring.  Organizing play dates with children that your child likes will come soon enough.  This is your time. 

3.       Be flexible. momswalking.jpg

Not only do you have ever-changing nap times to contend with, but moms often go back to work or school, or go on vacation.   Going to the baby signing/music/yoga/massage classes together or meeting up for a walk can also be a fun way to still get together and get the support while trying something new. 

4.       Set the boundaries early. 

Whether its rotating around each others’ houses, the simplicity of the host’s nibbles, or the courtesy of rsvp-ing each week…whatever is important to you (all), better to get it out on the table early.   One important issue to figure out early is toy sharing.  Are you comfortable with your toys (and pacifiers and sippy cups) being in every other baby’s mouth or would you rather they brought their own?

5.       Give the mommies some refreshments. 

Whether still nursing or not, motherhood is hard work.  If they’ve managed to get out of the house with the multitude of gear, accessories, clothes (and the baby), and arrived at your place relatively on time, they deserve a reward.  Unless moms are trying to lose the pounds, chocolate cookies always work well.  No one will expect homemade (at least they shouldn’t).  Drinks are a must too, although glasses are a hazard around babies (for their and your carpet’s sake).   A chilled bottle of Glow Mama for everyone is quick, easy, and nutritious.

6.       Pre-tidy the house. 

babyfeet.jpgUnless you’re superwoman, or have help, you’ll have to tidy the house a bit before people arrive.  Especially the floors as that’s where everyone’s attention is drawn to with babies.  If you don’t have time to vacuum at least but down some blankets for the babies to roll, crawl and spit up onto. 

7.       Get a pedicure or some nice socks. 

Speaking of floors and how that’s where everyone is constantly looking… don’t forget that shoes often come off around rolling and crawling babies and no one wants to see ugly toes. 

8.       Be open, frank and honest. 

There really is nothing more intimate or gory than the birthing story, and yet we all love to tell our version in lengthy detail.  After hearing about each other’s procedures, pain and plans, there really shouldn’t be anything you can’t discuss (behind closed doors).  This is the place to get the real answers on nursing pain, sleep deprivation and rekindling things in the bedroom.

9.       Try to cut out the competition.  

Easier said than done, but really, Motherhood is not a competitive sport in the Olympics.  These days a lot of moms are used to a world of climbing on each other and stabbing each other in the back to get ahead - and that’s hard to leave behind for a few months/years.  Remember though, the point of a mommies group is to leave less isolated and exhausted than had you stayed at home.   Babies really do sleep, eat and develop at their own rates.

10.   Get out occasionally without the babies. 

There’s nothing like a couple of hours out after dark in a cool new bar or restaurant to rekindle your spirit as a woman.  And the beauty of meeting up with other new moms is that they’ll forgive you if you turn up late… with spit- up on your shoulder… leaking!  Everyone appreciates the effort (physically and mentally) it’s taken to get out the door, so you’ll all enjoy yourselves so much more. 

Come on in the party’s just getting started

It’s the start of a new year and both my babies are starting to walk at
the same time! One on his own two little legs and the other through
this website and in stores.  I’m excited to be here, but as I look back
on ‘07 I’m not sure which was more fun, sitting on an 11 hour flight
with a teething toddler who had a stomach bug, or spending the next day
sitting in a small cold factory control room for 11 hours waiting for my first bottle of Glow Mama to come off the line. 


Its been a long bumpy road to get to this point, but I now feel like I’m in those quiet few moments before a big party I’m hosting … all the nibbles are out, the decorations are up, the music is lined up and the drinks are chilled…  its either going to be a rip roaring bash that keeps the neighbors up for hours, or a quiet night at home blaming the rain for the lack of guests.  Fingers crossed!!!!

So, without further a due… a toast to (and with) Glow Mama!  Heres to all the moms and moms-to-be out there, may we never go thirsty again! 



Welcome from the Glow Mamas

Thanks for joining us as we launch our new product.  We are both proud and excited to be online and can't wait to hear your feedback on both Glow Mama and our new website.

Cheers from the moms at Glow Beverages.

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