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Rockin’ Mom Essentials

From my art mama point of view, I am not a cookie-cutter mom. I never had a planned timeline of when - or even if - I was going to have a child or how it was going to happen. I didn’t pick out baby names when I was 14 (okay, maybe I did pick one boy name and one girl name, but they didn’t stick!), and I can’t honestly say that I always knew I wanted to be a mom.

For the last part of my 30th decade, I was more concerned with exploring places, music and food with my husband, and gathering my ‘after hours poetry’ friends together to read poetry at various ‘establishments’ and acquire more inspiration for our writing.

I never listened to Top 40 music. I have no earthly clue about the difference between Fergie or the Pussycat Dolls. I love a summer evening listening to John Coltrane or a Saturday morning dancing to old Peter Gabriel. I was definitely there in the 80’s for the whole New Wave movement, and right in the front row of Grunge in the 90’s.

I saw a saying somewhere that I can easily adopt: Rocker Mom, not Soccer Mom. So for all you rockin’ moms, or even rockin’ soccerrock tee moms — I have pulled together some fun essentials for your new mom status. For your first essential, pour yourself an ice cold Glow Mama Mom-ito and enjoy!

Fun and Fashionable Maternity Apparel
Rock Star Moms - their motto is maternity wear for the rest of us.

Cry Baby Maternity - Because attitude is everything - Cute maternity swimwear! I like this guitar tee pictured here.

Motherhood Maternity - Affordable and fashionable. I was so excited when I ran across this store at the mall. You don’t have to change your style just because you’re pregnant.

Apparel for Baby
onesieJaminga - funky baby clothes

Urban Baby Runway - funny onesies and tees, cute dresses, shoes and boys and girls clothes.

The Retro Baby - rock band onesies and Dr. Suess baby clothes. My favorite: ‘My dad is rad’ onesie.diaper bag

Unique Baby Gifts and Diaper Bags:
Pokkadots - Modern gifts, books and diaper bags. My favorite: Fleurville Diaper Bag (pictured here).ballerina socks

Baby Bella - My favorite: Trumpette Baby Ballerina Socks. How cute are these?

Must-Have Baby RockRockabye CD
Rockabye Baby music - A necessity for all future rockers! Award-winning series transforms timeless rock songs into beautiful instrumental lullabies. My favorites so far are Radiohead and U2. A few noteworthy others include The Cure, Coldplay and The Smashing Pumpkins!

Oops..I forgot how long Itzbeen again!


The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer is a product you will continue to use long after your baby has become a former baby. I have been using the Itzbeen all weekend to keep track of how long it has been since I gave Connor his medicine. This timer is really full of uses!

The Itzbeen is cleverly designed to clip to your diaper bag or your lampshade (the one place I won’t lose it at), basically where ever you want to put it. It has a night light feature which comes in handy for night time feedings or medicating a sick kid. The Itzbeen has timers for tracking feedings, diaper change, naps and an extra timer for whatever you need. You can set each timer separately to alert you (like an alarm clock) if it has been more than ___ hours or mins since you last changed the baby or fed the baby, etc..

I was really impressed by how easy it was to use the Itzbeen. You really just push the button after you have completed a timer task and it was keep up with the time until you push it again. It has a clock on there so you can tell the actual time as well. My favorite feature is that at the bottom there is a switch that you can slide from left to right to keep up with which side you nursed on last. Then you can hit the feeding timer and you will also know how long it’s been since baby had a meal. With Connor I carried around a notebook and a stopwatch. I’m sure I looked a little strange when nursing in public. I am so relieved to have found a product that will keep me from toting those items with me anymore, plus it was a pain during night time feedings. Bottom Line - for the price, the Itzbeen is a must have product for new moms and the perfect baby shower gift!