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Look out for Glow Mama

The Glow Mamas are hitting the town this next week and will be at the following events.  We’re looking forward to seeing everyone, sharing a drink and seeing your bumps and babies. 

July 16th, Baby Bliss Consulting’s Push Party at Judith Ripka Jewelery Store in Union Square, 6-8pm

July 18-19th, Blogher Conference, Westin St Francis Hotel, Union Square

July 19th, Baby Loves Disco, shboom Nightclub, San Ramon, 2-5pm

July 20th, Appel and Frank, JCC of San Francisco, Laurel Heights, 10-2pm

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One Response to “Look out for Glow Mama”

  • Lauren responded:

    WHAT? BlogHer AND Baby Loves Disco? Only the too coolest mom-blogger places in the world! I have literally turned green with envy. Or have I just drank too many Mom-itos?

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