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Organic Overkill?

I’m such a sucker! Under the allure of the organic label, I let Drew convince me to buy Organic Rainbow Rings at Whole Foods - Froot Loops in disguise!!  Just this once I said, as a special treat…but somehow it seemed OK because they were organic after all.


After I came to my senses, I took to the internet to find out if organic froot loops are really any healthier than their mass-marketed counterparts. While munching away straight from the box, I found that my (I mean Drew’s) Rainbow Rings did indeed score better than Froot Loops on a number of measures. They had 40% less sugar, 1/2 gram less fat (and NO hydogenated oils), 1 gram more protein and 50% of the RDA for folic acid (vs. 25%). Whew!!!

But honestly, do we really need organic froot loops? Or pop tarts? Or oreos? It’s all junk food really. I have to admit I have a hard time passing up on all the temptations out there - especially at Whole Foods. You could eat a days worth of calories just snacking your way through the store.

What do you think? Is it organic overkill or a healthy alternative?

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