Glow Mama - New Mother Drink - Healthy Alternative While You Are Expecting and Nursing

Iconoculture Review

Women get juiced over new drink just for moms

The trendspotting company, Iconoculture, highlights Glow Mama
Finding a suitable thirst-quencher for moms and moms-to-be isn?t child?s play. After kicking caffeine, cocktails and artificial additives, there?s not much left to drink but boring ol' water. Glow Mama, loaded with fiber, minerals and vitamin-C-rich kiwi, aims to fill the void. Founder Lucy Leahy, a mom herself, wants to build an online community of like-minded mamas around her drink. The site boasts blogs, mom support groups, articles written by a staff nutritionist, recipes for ?mocktails? and more. Glow Mama?s feel-good vibe seems more fact than fad thanks to an endorsement by the American Pregnancy Association.


Moms have different nutritional needs from everyone else. Keeping healthy and hydrated should be easy breezy, but the functional drinks market can be a little dysfunctional ? with a million confusing labels, ingredients and claims. A trusted drink especially for moms might be just what the doctor ordered. New moms are passionate about health issues and want to swap stories ? why not help them connect while bonding over a beverage?

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