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Storing Up for Pregnancy
Article - Nutrition

Think About Good Eating Habits Before you Decide to get Pregnant Again.

We all know it?s important to eat a balanced diet and get the right vitamins and minerals while we?re pregnant. As soon as the pregnancy test shows a positive, a lot of us change overnight ? we shop for fruits and vegetables and try to stay away from sugar, sodium and nitrates.
But it?s just as important to eat right before you get pregnant, especially if it?s your second or third child. We all store nutrients in our body to be used by cells and organs for our daily functions as well as emergency stores to fight illness or toxins. When you get pregnant, your body draws on these nutrient reserves to feed the fetus and help it develop. It?s easy for a mother to get depleted.  Boost up nutrient reserves whenever you can.

Tips for building your reserve

Avoid processed foods. The closer you can stay to ?food from the farmer,? such as fruits and vegetables, cuts of meat, or whole grains, the healthier your diet will be. A study in the 1930s by an anthropological researcher, Dr. Weston Price, compared the health of generations as diets changed. Price discovered that once people switched to processed foods ? boxed cereals or mac and cheese, canned soups and packaged cookies ? their children showed physical changes and experienced health problems. Much of this was from nutrient deficiencies, harmful fats and lack of enzymes.
Don?t just rely on your prenatal vitamin. Prenatal vitamins are good ?insurance policies,? but they?re no substitute for healthy foods high in vitamins and minerals. Our bodies are programmed to absorb nutrients in correct, balanced combinations. A concentrated vitamin formula simply can?t replicate that.
Pay attention to your digestion. Our bodies only absorb the nutrients that we digest, not just the ones we eat. Making sure your digestive system is working normally is one thing you can do to make sure you?re getting the nutrients you need. (Read more about improving digestion during pregnancy.)

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