Does size matters ?

It’s the question that men ask themselves frequently, does size matter? It doesn’t matter what their girlfriends, partners, husbands or wives say. Men believe that all women want ‘the next big thing’ and that anything less, is just no use to them. Here is the god’s honest truth, size matters! The size of your heart matters and the size of your personality. The size of your penis though? The old saying still holds true; “it’s not the size, it’s how you use it”. Like any other female, I have known a few men in my life and two in particular stand out. My ex-husband and my current partner.

Now my ex-husband was well endowed, god favored him in size. However, he did not know how to use it and refused to really learn the ropes. He assumed all women gained their pleasure in bed just by some magic, when the man was satisfied. Men, this is not the case and it never will be. You can have the size but if you don’t know what you are doing with it then it’s a waste of our time and often it can be just plain painful. According to Men’s Health magazine and a few other reputable sources the average male’s erect penis size is roughly 5.3 inches. Now, my current partner is slightly above average, and let me tell you, he knows how to use every inch of it.

I speak for most women when I say this, I would take a man with an average size penis who knows how to make me moan any day of the week over a jumbo sized lump any day of the week. If a woman wants something extra large to do absolutely nothing but scratch a sexual itch, there’s a whole adult store dedicated to those. The benefit of these is that they don’t require constant emotional feeding. Size matters, the size of your knowledge that is. Unless your partner has the limbs of a gymnast and the gag reflex of a competitive eater then you and her are going to both get a lot more pleasure out of being average.

Size matters, what’s the point in having something so large that you and your partner can not enjoy every last inch of it? You see ads everywhere for different methods to increase penis size. The girth, the length, the longevity and your stamina. These websites are a lot like diet pills though, they fill you with false hope and when push comes to shove, you’ve wasted your money with nothing to show for it. If you are determined to waste your money then continue by all means.

However, your money would be better spent on toys and other things that you can use to spice up your existing sex life. Instead of trying to increase your size and potentially losing your partner in the process. As long as your partner is happy with your size and performance, why try to change that. Woman are wonderful at worrying about every little detail, and yet we are never concerned with your penis size. That should tell you just how little your size matters to us. Size matters in so many different ways, but the one place that size doesn’t matter is when it comes to your penis.

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  1. Size Actually matters! If the size is too small a woman can feel unsatisfied when making intercourse and if the size is too big it may hurt…average is the best

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