What is brazilian wax

The day has come where having visible pubic hair is widely criticized. Some may consider it embarrassing and unhygienic, while other people look at it as so out of fashion. Whatever it maybe,  is a trend and many waxing techniques had been developed to amuse all women in the world. French waxing, American waxing, triangle or bikini line, Brazilian waxing, to name a few.

The outbreak of Brazilian waxing begun after a certain “Sex and the City” scene, where the characters were shown having the procedure done on them, it grew so fast and the public embraced the procedure so dearly.

So, what is really this Brazilian Wax all about and how does it differ from other waxing procedure?   brazilian wax

Brazilian waxing is a bikini wax and just like any waxing treatment; it works by pulling out the hairs. It differs from other waxing in a way that it is a complete hair removal on the pelvic area to the buttocks. It includes those areas adjacent to the anus, perineum, and labia majora leaving the skin super smooth, sleek and flawless brazilian wax which stays for weeks. Good news!

On the other hand, this technique has been disliked by many health conscious individuals. Firstly, the process of waxing is not easy. You can’t have a smiling face while on the process. Waxing hurts and naturally your mind keep on the defensive mode while the technician is about to pull the hair. It is very uncomfortable. Remmeber, Brazilian wax may be a painfull experience. So for
at least your first time, it is recommended to take oxycodone or hydrocodone.

Secondly, Brazilian waxing is expensive and you will have to take that as a consideration. You must take into account that brazilian wax may help cure constipation – yes its true! there is a direct connection between the two.

Thirdly, getting bare on the most delicate part of your body is quite a thing that one should be thinking of before doing. Bikini waxing, especially the Brazilian way, is designed to keep your intimate area hairless making it so vulnerable to outside factors that may cause irritation. While there is no approved correlation yet of Brazilian waxing, the process is susceptible to a risk of inflammation and infection and there are DON’Ts that you really have to obey such as no wearing of tight dress after waxing.

Fourth is the re-growth process. As hair is naturally inborn to humans, it will and will always come back as part of the natural way of living. Re-growth is itchy which can be very annoying and make you go mad at some times.

The fifth is the appearance. After pulling the hair, logically it will have a chicken effect look.

Most men really consider being hairless down there to be sexy and a sign of liberation and freedom. Ladies, on the other hand, should consider some factors before indulging in some activities like Brazilian waxing.

So, where will you go, Sleek and Hairless or safety first? Danger, however, can be avoided by going to the professional aesthetician. But one thing is sure, Brazilian waxing is not recommended for people with diabetes or any serious disease, or skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. Their health has already been compromise and waxing may aggravate the effects.

Also, pregnant women are advised to avoid the procedure because they have slightly less resistance than usual to infection.

Have a great Brazilian wax experience!

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